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I spent most of yesterday and a good part of last night coughing.

I was going to say coughing up a lung, but the Doc has assured me that both lungs are still exactly where they should be.
And infection free.

So, just coughing.  And swallowing air.  Lots of air.

By the time I headed off to bed, (after napping on the couch since sundown*), my belly was quite uncomfortable.

So it was a relief to get up early this morning and fart.

Not your timid, genteel, ladylike puff of wind either.
Oh No.
This was a bum-ripper!

Long and loud and rolling.
And so very satisfying!

A huge pocket of air, once again free.
As it should be.

(I'm still coughing, but much less now.)

*once the sun went down I was suddenly so tired I wanted to do nothing but sleep, couldn't even catch up on my blog reading.


  1. Its better out than in and sharing it around is Bonza i know some of mine from time to time have cleared rooms :-).

  2. Better out than in, better here than there, better now than later. (One of my parents old sayings.) Now you are on your way to recovery. Just don't do too much too soon. (Oh gosh, there's another one).

  3. I am glad that recovery is near. And had to laugh at the explusion of air. Good thing you weren't at work. Think of the look on a customer's face!

  4. As my husband says, the loud ones are the safest. The silent ones are deadly.

  5. Oh my gosh I can't actually wrote the words!

  6. Windsmoke; my exhusband was the room clearer in our family. He always blamed the dog.

    Delores; I promise not to do too much. Today I'm napping and reading. Later I'll take a short walk, before doing some more napping and reading.

    EC; At work I would try to hold it in until there wasn't a customer, otherwise I would just say oops, excuse me and carry on like nothing had happened.

    Elisabeth; I've found that too. I'm usually odour free unless I've been eating roasted chicken.

    Jennifer Kay; we're not shy about such things here in Australia.

  7. Jayne; kinda glad I live alone. Hope I didn't wake any neighbours.

  8. Oh dear, trying not to laugh - glad you are on the mend River.


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