Gold! I've struck gold!

Ha Ha!
That got you in, didn't it?

But while you're here, just have a look at the deep yellow of these egg yolks.
Close enough to gold, wouldn't you say?

My daughter, T, acquired a few chickens about three months ago.
Lovely golden brown hens. I do love brown chookies.

They free range over her yard while the dog is in his enclosure, then the dog runs free while the chooks are in theirs.

Every now and then, she'll bring me a half-dozen eggs.

Every single one has a yolk as gold as this one and they taste so good.


  1. Like everything else home grown they leave the store bought ones for dead. And you are right, it doesn't get much golder than that. (Is golder a word?)

  2. Sunshine...that's what they look like.

  3. The first time I made a cake using our own free range eggs, I thought I'd done something wrong because the batter was so yellow! But beware!! Once you've had 'real' eggs, there's no going back!!

  4. It's shining! Eggies on toast is perfection.

  5. Hard boiled eggs are my favourite never did like 'em runny :-).

  6. Awww, they make me sad for the three chooks we had in Adelaide - Hermoine, Luna and Ginny (yes, they were named by Carly). When we sold the house and moved to Melbourne, the chooks were included in the sale!

  7. Nothing like free range eggs.

  8. EC; golder? Of course it's a word! You wrote it didn't you? That makes it so.

    Delores; yes, they do. Bright and sunny.

    Red Nomad; I've had free range before, pancakes made with them taste so much better!

    Sarah; I rarely eat eggs on toast, but I do have them when I've got free range ones in the fridge.

    Windsmoke; I used to avoid eggs when my mum cooked them, she always undercooked so there'd be uncooked egg white. Yuk!

    Kath; maybe you could get a chook in Geneva? would you be allowed to keep it in the downstairs garden?

  9. Peskypixies; the taste is well worth the extra cost and when I get them free from my T that's even better!

  10. I still get surprised by how yellow my chooks' egg yolks are.

  11. sleepydwarf; thanks

    Frogdancer; they make me realise just how anaemic supermarket eggs are, (those poor chooks), even their free range ones aren't as good as the real thing.


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