hello my friendly new neighbourhood

On Sunday afternoon I took my camera for a walk.
It likes to go for a walk.

I was looking for the Fullarton Community Centre which was just a little way down the road.
And I found it.


This wonderful old building houses a library, which is why I was looking for it.

Sadly, the opening hours are the same as my working hours, almost.
Friday: not working=library closed
Saturday: not working=library closed
Sunday doesn't get a mention.

This is the part of the building that houses the library. Such a pretty place.

 There were some signs on the fence by the corner...

...aha! This looks interesting...

On the way there I noticed a small strip of shops, so on the way home I took photos.
 Bakehouse and Coffee Shop, open 7 days. good to know.

The Friendly Grocer, also open 7 days.  I hope this doesn't get replaced by a giant supermarket.

There's an Indian Restaurant...

...and a Vietnamese one.

Not that I eat out much, hardly ever, but it's nice to know the option is only a 10 minute stroll from my home.


  1. Hi River,

    Crikey - that library isn't open much is it?

    My local library's open a lot more - I really should use it more.




  2. PM is right, that library doesn't seem to be open much. Is there another bigger one nearby?

    I really liked the sound of the plant and craft market though.

  3. I love the sound of 'friendly grocer'. They would definitely get my business.

  4. Plasman; I was so disappointed to read those times.

    EC; there are other libraries, but not in walking distance. My other option is to continue using the Norwood library, since I'm in the neighbourhood for work. I'm going to check out the plant and craft market this month and see what kinds of things they have there.

    Sarah; I'll take a walk through the Friendly Grocer next Sunday.

  5. I can see a few photos of the plant and craft market appearing on this blog soon.... :)

  6. Looks like a nice little neighbourhood. Maybe a chat with the chief librarian about those hours..after all...working people like to read too.

  7. Ah, a bakery! Life can hold nothing further ...

  8. That's a very intimate shopping strip especially the "Friendly Grocer", its a pity about the library opening hours, maybe you can chuck a sickie once in a while to checkout the library :-).

  9. Kath; I'll definitely be taking the camera!

    Delores; I'm pretty sure opening hours are set by the council. I could check, but really, there's other libraries around, one right near my work that I already know and love.

    Red Nomad; i'll be checking out the bakery on sunday when I check the "Friendly Grocer".

    Windsmoke; sickies are not something I do, but I can take some annual leave days.


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