Sunday Selections #35

It's Sunday Selections time again!
Time to post photos that have been hiding away in your computer files, photos that you may have completely forgotten about.
Have a hunt through your files and find them.

This idea comes to us from Kim of frogpondsrock, who realised one day that she takes many more photos than she uses, as we all do, and wanted to post some of the older ones on her blog.

A once a week meme seemed like a good idea, so Sunday Selections was born and anyone at all can join in.

I often choose a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week my theme is:


We all know I'm a fan of symmetry, and these come pretty close.

To join in with Sunday Selections, post photos of your choice under the Sunday Selections title, go to Kim's site and add your name to her linky list, then leave her a comment.
Then have a look at what others have posted for their Sunday Selections.
There are some really good photographers out there.


  1. EC; I like them too.
    I had this done last night and scheduled to post at 8am. Blogger is playing games with me again.

  2. #4 & #5 look like houses I'd like to own :) Love the repetition in #8.

  3. the one third from the end with the 4 roof peaks is so cool. I'm a big fan of symmetry also.

  4. I love roofs and gables along with the ever-important chimneys! lol
    Great pics :)

  5. permanently amanda; Adelaide is full of these types of houses. Unfortunately with our reactive clay soil, many of them are badly cracked unless they've been extensively repaired and/or maintained.

    Windsmoke; thanks. :)

    Marita; that one is a block of single storey units. Some designers are better than others.

    Jayne; I'd planned on doing chimneys, but couldn't remember which photos I'd already used.

  6. These are just fantastic River, all those lovely lines and angles. If I had to pick a favourite it would be number seven. Thankyou River :)x

  7. What an interesting collection of photos. Did you take them intending to create a collection of roofs and gables or did this collection happen by accident? I like the chinese looking ones (6 & 7).

  8. Some of those places remind me of where I used to live in Trinity Gardens.... *sniffle*

  9. The photos of the house is inspiring me. Thanks.

  10. Kim; I like that one too. Finials are one of my favourite things.

    Delores; Sometimes I do wander around taking snaps of the same thing to see how they turn out. On 6&7 it's the finials that add the oriental look.

    Kath; Prosser Avenue and Queen Street.

    muminsearch; welcome to drifting. a roof is a roof is a roof, until you take photos and notice the diversity.

    indonesiatooverseas; welcome to drifting. Thank you.


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