on the buses

I travel to work each day by buses.
Two of them.
One down Fullarton Road to the Cross Road intersection, then another up Cross Road, then along Portrush Road to The Parade.
Then I walk down The Parade to work. It takes about 7 minutes.
Coming home I reverse the process, but the buses at that time of day are much less reliable, so including waiting time, it takes an hour and a half to get home again.
Today I tried something different. I caught a bus from work to the city, then caught another bus to get home.
It's a shorter trip by 30 minutes, so that's what I'll be doing from  now on.

Anyway this morning, after sleeping exceptionally well last night,  I found myself in the most amazing good mood, so I snapped photos all the way to work from inside the buses. While singing along with my i-pod.
But only in my head. I don't sing out loud, I'm very considerate and don't like to scare people.

Here are some of the photos.

 As you can see, the bus is almost empty. These are a few of the shops along Fullarton Road.

 This is very close to the Fullarton Road/Cross Road intersection, where I need to change buses.

 The bus doors, from the inside of course.
 I was sitting right in the front seat, because I still need to keep an eye on the bus stops to be sure I get off at the right one.

Some roadworks going on along Cross Road.

There are more photos and I wanted to show them to you, but these four took an hour to load, so I'll do more another day. Probably tomorrow.


  1. Well I'm glad to hear you woke up in "good tune" as my folks used to say. Looks like it was a decent morning weather wise as well. (very considerate of you to sing silently in your head, we don't want to scare the horses)

  2. I think there will always be road works in Cross Road.

  3. I miss the Adelaide buses ..... *sigh*

  4. What a coincidence as i have a Fullarton Rd that intersects with my street its also a bus route, it really is a small world :-).

  5. Don't you just love how everything in Adelaide leads to the city?? I'm sure it's an urban conspiracy ...

    And Andrew's right about the road works ...

  6. Roadworks on Cross Road? Surely not!!

    The works are driving me crazy. They have shut off a whole road near me for the last 2 weeks. The detour adds an extra 10 minutes to my school runs.

  7. Thank you for sharing some of your bus trip. I have to catch two when I go into Lifeline and I spend the time eavesdropping on conversations (shameful I know) and admiring gardens.

  8. Delores; I'm not at all concerned about the horses. But if people heard me sing they'd likely call 911 because I was being murdered, or murdering a song...

    Andrew; there's always roadworks whenever I want to get somewhere on time.

    Kath; I can understand that. People here don't fling boogers...

    Windsmoke; that is a coincidence.

    Red Nomad; It's great if you're travelling to the city, just hop on any bus. But if you're going to a suburb, you'd better be checking the bus numbers or you'll find yourself lost.

    Sarah; ever notice how there's no roadworks when you have plenty of time, but if you're in a hurry every second road has something going on?

    EC; I love some of the gardens and old buildings I see on the trips.


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