the Friendly Grocer

So I went for a walk to see what the "Friendly Grocer" was like.

Last Sunday dawned grey and drizzly and I really didn't want to go anywhere, but by 2pm the drizzle had stopped and I thought I'd get a little exercise after all.

As always when confronted with something new, I was just at the store when I had a sudden desperate urge to pee.
That's so typically me!

Anyway, I decided against racing back home and took a quick tour of the store.
(I'm getting quite good at holding on.)

It's an old building and as soon as I entered I was assaulted by an overwhelming smell of long-term damp.
Not nice at all.
There are only three aisles, with very little stock, so it didn't take long to complete the tour and I didn't stay to buy anything.
Disappointing, to say the least.

The Fullarton Bakehouse and Coffee Shop was three doors down, and as I passed I glanced in to see about a dozen people seated at tables enjoying coffee and cakes.
Clearly a favoured spot with locals.
A good sign. 
So ignoring my bladder, I went in for a quick look at the cakes on display.
Oh Yum! Vanilla slices!
And other yummy offerings, besides a lovely coffee aroma.
I'll definitely be going back there!
But I didn't stop to buy, again, I had to hurry on home.

Now that I've been there once, the next visit shouldn't create the nervous bladder thing again and I'll have time to choose and buy.
Maybe I'll even sit and have a coffee.


  1. A shame about the friendly grocer. The bakery sounds like a find though.

  2. EC; I have to admit I had higher expectations about the grocer, but I'm glad the bakery is so nice. And there's two other modern supermarkets within walking distance so I can ignore the Friendly Grocer.

  3. What? The coffeeshop didn't have a bathroom?

  4. Bummer about the bladder interrupting your little scenic tour! Have a vanilla slice for me when you go back. I love them! x

  5. Delores; most coffee shops here don't have bathrooms, they're just little drop in places. If they're inside a bigger mall, there's usually a bathroom nearby. This one is just a small shop in a strip of 5 small shops. Not a big cafe at all.

    MultipleMum; I'll definitely be having one of their vanilla slices.

  6. Vanilla slice - yep, next time you *have* to go in :)


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