baby, look at you now

Remember this little yellow rosebud?

 Look at her now. All grown up.  You'll notice the other roses are gone.
They browned, they drooped, the petals fell.

She's all alone now. But not for long. I'll cut a couple of white ones tomorrow.
That particular bush is very prolific.

Here's that apple-rhubarb crumble before I got stuck into it.
Mmmm, yummy


  1. Looks like the electric stove didn't ruin THAT one. Looks good. I'll bring the ice cream.

  2. Delores; while the apple and rhubarb started cooking, I did go out to the back porch for just a minute and came back to find that not only as it boiling, it had boiled over! What a mess! But once it was in the oven I kept a close eye on it. Since I was right there cleaning off the hotplate!

  3. Time was up for the other roses its the yellow roses time to show off :-).

  4. That rose is nearly as spectacular looking as the crumble. (I think I need breakfast).

  5. Yummy, yummy, yummy, got something in my tummy.

  6. Windsmoke; the others were more open already when I cut them.

    EC; yes, have breakfast, I should have some too.


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