get away from me!

I've just killed a big black spider in my bedroom.

He/she was on the wall right beside my pillow.

The cheek bugger didn't even try to run away when I turned on the bedside light,
so I smacked him/her with my slipper.

That'll teach him.....


  1. They do say that spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them. Big black spider had good reason to fear River wielding a slipper. If it was a her, you get rid of her and possibly a future short term problem when she has babies. If it was a he, you got rid of long term problem.

  2. As long as they are high up on the wall I ingnore them but when they drop down into my territory (I'm short) then they are just asking for it. Good slipper shot.

  3. I'm with Delores. They just gotta know their place. But slippers are multi-purposed, aren't they?

  4. Andrew; I'm going to have to move the furniture now and Baygon the skirting boards, window frame and door frame too. The door leads to the back porch, so I'll have to do the outside of the frames too.

    Delores; I'll ignore daddy-long-legs and any spider outside, but inside they get smacked. Hard.

    Manzanita; In my old home, they'd learned to stay outside. I can see I'm going to have to train this lot too. Once I've killed a few dozen, they'll get the idea. Slippers are the best for spider smacking.

  5. Smaller portion would be on your side, though he prefers to drown them in Baygon. I sweep them up in a dust pan and take them outside.

  6. Poor spider was only looking for some warmth and company. Ditto what The Elephants Child does :-).

  7. HAhaha! That's just like a Garfield cartoon! But glad you came out the winner ...

  8. EC; Baygon is too expensive to be used for drowning spiders, besides a quick smack with a slipper is much more merciful. If I'd recognised the type, I might have swept him outside, like I do with daddy-long-legs, but this was right near my pillow, I didn't recognise it and didn't want to be bitten in my sleep.

    Windsmoke; let them find warmth and company with their own kind, preferably outside. Or at least not in my bedroom.


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