this week's roses

The first small bunch of roses that I cut for my kitchen didn't last very long.
Barely a week.

But that's okay, it meant I got to got out and cut a new bunch.

 This time, as well as the white and apricot, I noticed two other bushes coming into flower.
One, a gorgeous bright yellow, the other, my favourite dark red.
So I cut just one of each of those. I can't take them all, it's a community garden and others might want some.

Here's a bird's eye view.
The red has the most amazing fragrance.
They're all scented, but the red is the one that is now fragrancing my whole kitchen.
Because they're right by the front door too, I get to smell them as soon as I walk in from work.

I just love them.

I brought my four surviving rose cuttings with me and I think I'll plant them in among the others, there's plenty of room and I don't think anyone will mind.
(Someone else has recently put in a new lavender)
They'll be better off in the ground anyway.


  1. Stunning roses, and each unique. I can almost smell them through the screen.

  2. They are just beautiful. Red roses often do have the most amazing fragrance. Roses here are only just coming into tiny weeny buds so I envy you.

    PS Did you know that an asperin in their water is supposed to make them last longer?

  3. Asprin. Repeat after me, asprin. Sorry.

  4. Elisabeth; I'm going to love having so many rose bushes to cut flowers from. Roses don't upset my hayfever.

    EC; I've heard about the aspirin thing, but this time I've used a little sugar.

  5. What lovely, rich colours :)
    Roses are an all-time favourite :)

  6. I love the red ones - looks wise and scent-wise. Here I've been collecting acorns and chestnuts as the flowers are slowly disappearing!

  7. Beautiful roses. I love to see them in peoples gardens. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate them indoors.

  8. Jayne; they are gorgeous aren't they? I think they're quite old bushes and old-fashioned types. They're tallish and quite spindly, in need of a good pruning.

    Kath; The dark red is my favourite, the scent is so lovely. Do you mean flowers from oak and chestnut trees? Or are you collecting nuts?

    Delores; Roses are one of the few flowers I can have indoors because they don't upset my sinuses.

  9. Wow they're amazing. The red's my favourite too. We have a similar one (really deep claret red).

  10. Ha! Plant them and see if anyone actually notices!!! If they don't notice they won't mind, if they DO notice - they obviously like plants & still won't mind!! Win-win!!

  11. dark red roses are my faves............I can almost smell them from here!!!

  12. Being Me; the red seems to be everyone's favourite.

    Red Nomad; I'm definitely going to plant them, just have to find the right spot, so that I can still see them amongst all the others.

    peskypixies; mine is still scenting the kitchen after four days.

  13. Grab a cardboard box from the supermarket, cut it down so it's only 6 inches deep, put the rose petals in the bottom and place in warm sunny place indoors. Keep stirring the petals as you put more in and you're on your way to gorgeous potpourrie.
    I've been cutting mandarin peel into tiny strips and drying them to ad to the spice potpourrie I haven't looked at (it's in a big box) since mum went into the home.


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