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I had quite a few things on my to do list for today.

It didn't seem like an awful lot, but I knew that I might not get them all done.

One or two of them weren't so terribly important anyway.
The grocery shopping could wait for tomorrow, washing the sheets could wait for tomorrow...

So I set off early, with the two most important things on my mind and got them done.
One of the things was to get out to no-one's  and cut myself some of her rhubarb.
We're selling it in the supermarket now, but I'm certainly not going to pay $7 a bunch when I can get some for free.

For the next few things, I had to be in town, so I got my last home made burger out of the freezer and the last burger bun too, and set them on the sink to thaw while I was gone.

Things took longer than I expected and I arrived home in need of coffee and a nap.
Just a few years ago I could have zipped through everything on that list and had time left over for grocery shopping. I must be getting old. Ha Ha.
Or maybe it's just that waiting around for a bus to go here, then a bus to go there, etc is so tiring.
I woke from my nap feeling hungry, so decided to cook the burger.

But I'm still not used to this electric cooking gig. (I miss my gas stove!)

Burnt the burger.
Burnt the onion.
Burnt the bun.

I was tempted to toss the lot in the bin and head for the local fish'n'chip shop.
But to get there I'd have to pass both Woolworths and Foodland, then I'd feel guilty that I hadn't got the grocery shopping done.

So I scraped the burn off the bun, cut the burn off the burger, picked out the bits of onion that weren't black, and assembled a second-rate burger.

It wasn't so bad.
And I have apple rhubarb crumble for dessert.


  1. Apple rhubarb crumble would make up for slightly burnt burger every time. Yummo.

  2. What Elephant's Child said. Rhubarb, yum. Haven't had it for years. Any space on your porch for a small gas barbe for cooking the meats?

  3. EC; it most certainly did.

    Andrew; not enough space yet, but I'm still rearranging things out there. I do have a small barbie, it's a tabletop weber, I need to get a concrete paver in a largish size to put under it because it gets quite hot and I don't want to have a table catching fire just because I fancy a barbecued snag.

  4. I still burn things with my electric hotplates. I'm only just learning to never have it on high or things will burn. Or medium or high low. It's ridiculous!

    Glad you could salvage your burger. They are one of my favourite things!

  5. Sorry you are having trouble with the electric is something you get used to over time. I have only ever used electric so some of the things I do in order to have successful results are just second nature...I don't think I could even tell you what they are.
    The crumble sounds wonderful.

  6. Sarah; I've had gas stoves my whole life, I'm so used to being able to adjust the heat to an exact temperature. This is driving me bananas! High is too high, medium and things don't even start cooking, begin on high then turn the heat down? Hah! By the time the temperature has lowered things are overdone or burned...sigh.

    Delores; I know I will get used to it, but I think it will take a long time. The crumble was wonderful, with warm custard.

  7. LOL. I had the same problem when we moved into the Fibro, with a fully gas oven. I burnt everything for the first six months, til I realised it was about 25 degrees hotter than what it said on the dial.

  8. take shower could wait until day after tomorrow

  9. Hi River,

    Rhubarb - UUUUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing more to say.




  10. I don't like electric either and am known for going off and forgetting and thus, simply don't make a good cook. Microwaves make me happy. What can I say.

  11. It takes lots of practice to master electric hotplates as i found out after many burnt meals. Public transport combined with to do and shopping lists can make you tired no matter what age you are :-).

  12. It it weird that all I want for dinner now is a burger? I have had my oven for a year now and I still haven't got the hang of it so you have my total sympathy.

  13. Electric hotplates suck. I've had them for over 11 years and still loathe them. But then, my trailer trash house has gas, so I get long breaks!! Maybe that's why I just can't seem to get used to the electric ones ...

  14. Life In a Pink Fibro; At my last home I was there less than a week before I realised the thermostat was stuffed and from then on I automatically set the oven to a lower temperature depending on what I was cooking.

    BaliRing; day after? No, I'll be back at work.

    Plasman; Ha Ha.

    Towanda; I dislike the length of time it takes for the hotplate to get hot and the even longer time it takes to cool down.

    Windsmoke; I'm going to keep at it; I do like my own home cooking.

    Sarah; the oven isn't so bad, it's the hotplates that send me crazy.

    Red Nomad; maybe you could live in your trailer trash house permanently?


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