the friendliest young magpie

Last Sunday, as I was walking through the complex to my home,

 I snapped this photo of a young magpie.

 He seemed very interested in me and my camera and as I walked on home he followed me.

I didn't notice until I looked outside and saw him on my little porch looking right into my front door!

 I sat there and spoke to him while taking these photos through the screen as he strutted around on my mat,

 occasionally hopping up onto the small guard rail, all the while paying quite close attention to me.
He really was the friendliest little thing!

I tossed out a little bread for him,

 but he wasn't much interested in it,

and decided to forage for insects instead.
(I know magpies like to eat bits of raw meat, but I didn't have any handy)

I watched for a while longer, then left him to it.
I'm hoping I see him hanging around again.  I quite like the little fellow.


  1. We've had a friendly young magpie here too. He followed us all around the other afternoon as we said goodbye to some guests, and then returned for another visit the following day. he really enjoyed having a hose shower, rolling his wings this way and that, staying until we had finished spraying. :)

  2. My Dad could have written this post, River! He loves birds. He used to feed a bunch of crows every morning that came to our front door. We bought him a bird feeder once so he could sit outside and watch for the birds. :)

  3. Remember when we lived in McLeod, there was the magpie that used to eat right out of Ts hand?

  4. I had never seen a magpie before....what a beautiful bird.

  5. They come to our feeder often Lovely, lovely birds with a glorious warble. Though one of our regular visitors is quite tough on the crested wood doves and pulls feathers out of them often.

  6. You've won the heart of a lonely Magpie. He'll be back because creatures know when somebody has a kind heart :-).

  7. amandab; you've made a friend. He'll be back for more showers as the summer heat increases.

    Jodie; I'm wishing now that I had brought the birdbath with me. I'm going to have to buy another one.

    no-one; I do remember. He became very tame didn't he?

    Delores; I was surprised to read you'd never seen a magpie, then remembered you are in America. so you've never heard them sing either. That's a shame.

    EC; I love to hear them sing early in the morning. Well, anytime really, it's a lovely sound. I don't have a feeder, but I'm thinking of buying another birdbath, since I left mine behind at the old place.

    Windsmoke; I've seen him again already. He was on the grass watching me leave for work today.

  8. He's so handsome! I miss their 'Ordle Bordle Argle' calling songs.

  9. Kath; that's one of the things I love about them. Not looking forward to the swooping season though. May have to buy a hard hat, there's so many magpies in this area.

  10. I LOVE maggies.... there are lots around here, but the trees are VERY tall and swooping doesn't seem to be a real issue.
    I hope he comes back.

  11. Good photos of a very elegant bird.

  12. Ah give it a couple of weeks and the bugger will be swooping on you while you hang out the washing. You'll need an ice cream container for a helmet!


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