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Thursday, January 19, 2012

shopping for thongs

I have had only one pair of thongs for probably eight years now.
I don't wear them often, so they've lasted well.

See? Hardly worn at all. My very comfortable thongs.
Rubber base, cotton webbing straps.
Flip-flops for all the Americans out there.

Yesterday, this happened. 

Now I have to go shopping for thongs.
I hope they still make this particular type.

I wonder how many people thought I might be talking about thong underwear?


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Oh no!!! Thongs (oops..I meant things) don't last forever.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Thongs are an essential component of the Aussie national costume!! Maybe both sorts are ... but not sure how we'd ever know that!!

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi River,

Thongs! Thongs!

In the UK they mean something completely different.

In the UK, thongs are underwear - with just a string to cover your bum.

Usually worn by women - occasionally worn by men (NOT ME I hasten to add).

Don't know what they are called in Oz.

Always makes me chuckle when I hear Aussies use the word "thong" in a sentence.




Pandora Behr said...

I live in thongs (the footwear) and own about seven pairs of them in various colours. I can't do the material ones like you have - I go for the rubber variety. I mourn them when they wear out. A truly brilliant Australian invention.

Good luck in your search.


Sarah said...

8 years!! They have had a good life.

I own at least 10 pairs of thongs. High heeled, flat, moulded, glittered, studs and good old rubber pluggers.

Good luck shopping. My favourite thongs ever were from Coles around 3 years ago. They had silver sequins and were made of beauty!

Toni said...

I'm actually a bit un-Australian, I don't own a pair of thongs (or a G-string) but I really want to get some for summer.
Pretty ones. Not too hard between the toes.

JeannetteLS said...

In the USA, using thongs as the word for flip-flops is a generational thing. We did not wear the thong bikinis or underwear when I was of the age to wear them. So I actually first THOUGHT of the sandals.

Not that this comment is worth a thing. I can't wear them! Life is so hard...

Andrew said...

I certainly did not imagine River in any other sort of thong than on her feet. Eight years? You should take them back.

Lord Rochester said...

Make me a vanilla slice!

There's my aching
There's my liking
Thou and custard slice!


Windsmoke. said...

Haven't owned a pair of thongs for many years because i end up with blisters between the toes and on top of the feet which end up sore, red and infected :-).

The Elephant's Child said...

My smaller portion had a pair of thongs repaired when they broke just as yours did. That said: he was in India at the time. They lasted another four years and he was v sad to let them go.

Tempo said...

Us Aussies knew exactly what you were shopping for... It's the rest of the world who have it wrong.
The thing THEY call a 'thong' I call a shoelace...

River said...

Delores; we live in a disposable world.

Red Nomad; they're perfect for that quick dash across the bindii infested lawns to get the mail.

Plasman; down here thong underwear is called a g-string.

Pandora Behr; I prefer the webbing strap because the rubber type chafes my feet.

sarah; I don't go for the dressy type, I like them plain and rubber so I can scrub them up after they get grubby.

Toni; that doesn't make you any less Australian than my hate for sports makes me un-Australian.

JeanetteLS; I didn't know that. I thought they'd always been called flip-flops over there.

Andrew; if only I could remember where I'd bought them...

Lord Rochester; I'll give the vanilla slice a go as soon as I find a recipe and gather the ingredients. You want photos too?

Windsmoke; they may have been el cheapo imports. There was a story about these on one of the current affairs shows several years ago showing people's damaged feet just as you've described yours. Something about the way the rubber was made and or treated.

EC; I'm not going all the way to India for repairs...I'll just search for a new pair here.

Tempo; the thing "they" call a thong is called bum floss by Kath Lockett of Blurb From The Burbs fame.

Kath Lockett said...

Go for the rubber jobs - cheaper, easier to wash and shouldn't snap like that.

Whatever they're made of, they're terrific for killing spiders!

River said...

Kath Lockett; that's the best reason for keeping the cheap rubber variety around. I'm talking about thongs not spiders.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi again River,

Yes - we call them G strings too (Mrs PM pointed that out).

In the UK we call the footwear "flip flops".




Lord Rochester said...


I always want photos.

River said...

Plasman; I thought so.

Lord Rochester; damn! I was going to cheat and just buy some. Oh well, off to hunt recipes....

Christine said...

Oh No!!! A footwear staple like this is meant to last until the soles wear out. We lived in them when we were kids, that is, when were not running about in bare feet having competitions to see who could endure the rockiest, stoniest and hottest ground without succumbing to the necessity for things.