Adelaide's fickle weather

When I woke up this morning the air in my home was icy cold.

A very hot shower helped things along a bit by warming me up, but that didn't last long.

As I went from room to room, opening blinds and checking that I hadn't accidentally left any windows open overnight, my body cooled down again. All windows were properly shut, no draughts were coming in anywhere. Nothing to explain the iciness of the air.

I put on more clothing. Thick bedsocks over my work socks. Fluffy slippers over those. A sweatshirt, then my sleeveless polar vest.

Hot porridge for breakfast, yet I still felt as if I was living in a refrigerator. This must be what eskimos living in igloos feel like.

I gave up and turned on the heater. I probably should have turned on the airconditioner to warm all of the air, but I figured since I was leaving soon to go to the library before work, the little heater by my feet would be enough. It wasn't....

I stepped outside to check the air temperature out there and it wasn't much warmer than inside.
The wind must have been coming straight from the South Pole, skies were grey.

Off came the slippers and fluffy socks, on went the sneakers. Off came the sweatshirt, on went my big old weatherproof ski jacket. ( no, I don't ski, the jacket was a bargain). Still with the vest.

Caught the bus to the library, picked up the book I'd reserved, ( The Possibility of Everything), then caught the next bus to work.
I was early by almost an hour, but that was a good thing, since I had this new book that I was dying to read.

Fast forward 4 hours and it was time to go home. Only now the sun was out, the air was warm and the wind was nothing more than a gentle breeze barely stirring the leaves on the trees.

So picture this, if you can.

A little old lady, (that would be me), trudging on home, wearing a polar fleece vest, a big old ski jacket, a sun hat and sunnies.
I had the sleeves on the jacket pushed up past my elbows, but the zipper pulled up so the jacket didn't flap as I walked.

I must have looked a sight. Like I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold.
I'm sure I made a few people laugh. And that's a good thing. Laughter is awesome.


  1. The weather is so weird at the moment, isn't it? I'm constantly getting caught out. I have no idea what to put the kids in in the morning - Mr6 has been dragging a jumper around in his school bag for weeks, despite the fact that he NEVER puts it on. Even when it's freezing. What is it with kids? No sense, no feeling and all that.

  2. Ha, same here 30 on Saturday and now it's 13 and pouring rain . . that's La Ninia for you!

  3. Same here in Melb - OMG, Adelaide is turning into Melbourne!
    Bags the beach above the tree line, the rest will be flooded soon.

  4. Same here in Melbourne - bed socks back on but I'm now sitting 'glowing' and wearing a t-shirt!

    If I'd seen you trudging along I'm likely to have though
    a) Poor bugger started work when it was freezing this morning; or
    b) What kind of fandangled coffee substitute is she drinking and can I have some?

  5. life in a pink fibro; Weird is right. Today is so warm and sunny I almost want to go out and sunbathe.

    Baino; Sunshine is back on its way. Clear blue skies here today.

    Jayne; I really hope Adelaide doesn't turn into Melbourne....

    Kath; "glowing" like the Pearl (gem) that you are. Coffee substitute? Some would say International Roast is just that.

  6. I was hoping for a sunny day today as it's the traditional children's day of the Spring Racing Carnival. I didn't care if it rained on the tarts but I wanted the kids to have a good time.


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