Just like me, Ha Ha.

I must be doing something right,
because even though my scales tell me I haven't lost any weight,
I'm now able to wear all my bras, (all=two)
without the extension hooks that I've needed for the last three years.
Yay me!

On the walking front, I tried something different.
I left the music at home and let my feet find their own pace.
The walk took longer, but was much easier on the shins and knees.


  1. That's really interesting about your walk without music being easier on the shins and knees. Excellent to hear about the extension hooks!

  2. Kath; I knew I'd find a way for gain without pain.

    Being Me; welcome. With music I found I was walking faster, really pounding the pavement to keep with the beat, like I used to years ago. I've remembered that I'm older and need to start out more gently, eventually I'll get the music speed back.

  3. I've often wondered whether trying to walk the same distance faster each time actually delivers more benefits?? If you do the same distance in MORE time, sure you've walked the same distance, but you've been walking for longer, so that MUST do some good!

    Well done anyway! And congrats on no more extensions!!

    Happy travels!!

  4. Good on you, River, walking is good for the soul and mind, as well as the body ;)
    When you feel good inside, you feel good all over :)

  5. Red Nomad OZ; I don't care much which method delivers the benefits as long as the benefits get delivered. Without pain. I've never believed the "no pain, no gain" slogan.

    JahTeh; I do feel better after I've walked, it seems to have a calming effect on the mind.

  6. Congratulations. Time to treat yourself to a new one. You deserve it.


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