ancient history

In my pictures files, I have folders within folders within folders.
Probably a couple of thousand pictures.
I really need to get in there and do some sorting, delete a few dozen.
I may take some time on the weekend and do this. Maybe not....depends on what else comes up.

In the meantime, I found these, and thought you might like to see them.

This is my passport photo, I was six months old. We were on our way from Germany to Australia. We spent our first few months in the Bonegilla Migrant camp in Victoria.

Here I am a few months later, I think I am 14 months old in this picture.
I'm not sure where we were living by then, somewhere in Melbourne or a tiny place in SA called Port Clinton.


  1. Always on my list of things to do is sort out stuff on the computer. As fast as I do, more arrives and happens. Where in Melbourne did you live?

  2. You can tell that it's you - love the blonde mohawk. Bit of a relief that they let you in the country with a threatening do like that :)

  3. Andrew; I don't remember where we lived, maybe St Kilda, since I heard mum mention it a few times, but we were in SA by the time I was 3 and in Adelaide by the time I was 4 and a half. I started school in Linden Park Primary.

    Kath; I was cute and blonde. Cute blondes get in anywhere.

  4. There's nothing more cuddly, gorgeous, than a baby, unless it's a dog. You were a beautiful little thing.


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