want to see what I've been doing?

There's no prizes for guessing.

Here are a few clues.


Patty pans.

Other necessary stuff.

Measuring, mixing.


It's the annual mince pies practice bake.

I do this every year, because I always need a couple of practise runs before I start making these for other people who love them.

Even though I use the same pastry recipe as always, the first batch never comes out quite right.

This time, the first pastry was too soft and a bit sticky, not enough flour. I think I used larger eggs than usual.

Also the first batch got a little over baked because they were in the oven while I was assembling the second batch.

See? First batch on the left, second batch on the right. Third batch was in the oven.

I don't mind when the first batch comes out wrong, it means I get to eat them.

Of course I eventually eat the second batch too......

Closer to Christmas I make the ones I'll give away, to K and J, and a batch to take to the people at work.


  1. The trial runs that then have to be eaten are a masterstroke! Think I'll adopt that plan myself!!

    Happy travels!!

  2. GAh Mince pies already? Is it that close to Christmas?

  3. Red Nomad OZ; I do the same thing with brownies, lemon slice, jelly slice, lots of things really. This is why my bum is the same dimensions as my couch.

    Baino; Yes, it really is that close to Christmas. You'd better get shopping, I'll fax you my list okay? It's only 5 pages long this year....

  4. Is Christmas really that close. Where did the year go?

  5. Hi River,

    My birthday is at the beginning of October and the first Xmas advert appeared before that day - a new record.

    We will be celebrating Xmas in July soon.

    Mind you, I love mince pies so I won't complain.




  6. I wish I hadn't visited, walking kms and making mince pies, nightmares and dreams.

  7. Loz; welcome. And it's getting closer day by day.

    Plasman; Down here in Oz we do celebrate Christmas in July. Not everyone, but plenty do who like to have the whole cold weather Christmas experience. Restaurants and pub venues are often booked out well in advance.

    JahTeh, oh please keep visiting, I promise not to post about food too often.


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