Something I'm sure we'd all like a lot more of.

Especially in the heat and humidity of February and March

when these are running 24/7.

We pay enormous amounts for our electricity supply and the companies make huge profits (much like telstra), yet we can't have a reliable supply. Every summer there are blackouts, brownouts, whole suburbs cut off for several hours at a time. Reasons for this are given, but really, who believes those reasons?
Build the necessary infrastructure and give us the power we pay for.


  1. Maybe we need to take things into our own hands and a) go solar; b) support 'green' energy; and c) reduce usage. Yes, I know some of these aren't readily available to everyone, but reducing power dependency makes both economic and sustainability sense!

    Happy travels!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; going solar isn't an option for me as I'm renting. I keep trying to reduce my usage too, but when I think about it there's only one thing that runs 24/7 here and that's my fridge. TV doesn't go on until 6 or 7pm, computer is on from about 4 or 5pm, washing is done once a week, air con (which is new, landlord put it in last summer) is on only when I can't stand the heat any longer. Nothing is on standby, everything turned off when not being used. Yet my last power bill almost broke my bank account. It's the supply charges that keep going up that's doing the damage.

  3. Or have every house with solar panels - renters, owners, businesses and schools. Yes it'd cost a huge fortune but for our country it'd be worth every cent.

  4. Kath, I've had solar in a rented house and it was wonderful! But in a place where the water is full of mineral deposits, the solar systems break down a lot (clogged up) so there would have to be some better R&D put into them.
    I'd like to see tax incentives for companies to develop better alternate power sources, but with a government that relies so heavily on taxes I can't see that happening.
    When we build, we'll be putting in as much 'off-the-grid' technology as possible.

  5. Utilities such as gas and electricity should be state-owned, private enterprise is full of crooks. Bills are huge nowadays. And breakdowns are frequent, that's what happens when maintenance vs profit.

  6. Kath; like dams and water pipelines, solar should have been encouraged and installed many years ago.With the amount of sun this country gets we could have the cheapest living costs probably in the world. (slight exaggeration there)

    Toni; you're right about the government relying heavily on taxes. Why else would they levy this, that and the other thing?

    R.H. Utilities used to be state owned, then the government needed money so sold stuff to line the coffers, which didn't really work out, did it?


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