grumble, grumble, sigh

The road to weight loss, colourful though it may be, is not an easy one to travel for a chocolate/sugar addict such as myself.

In my home, right now, there is no chocolate.
There are no M&M's, no Clinkers, no Maltesers.
No biscuits, no dessert packets of self-saucing puddings to bake, not even a can of sweetened condensed milk.
No licorice bullets, no choc-coated peanuts, no glazed almonds.

I do have apples.
Munch. Crunch.


  1. They're not toffee apples, are they??!!

    Happy travels!

    PS The food in the photos looks both healthy AND delicious! Courage!!

  2. That food looks marvellous!
    Sadly, I'm cleaning up a packet of crisps to settle my tummy after too much fruit.

  3. Oh, you poor love. But you do have apples!? Hang in there. And remember how fantastic you're going to feel/be/look from all those coloured foods ;-) xx

  4. one step at a time River... if you make it through the week treat yourself with one teeney weeney packet of maltesers cos you are so awesome.... YOU CAN DO IT !!!!

  5. Red Nomad OZ; No, they're Royal Galas, I haven't had a toffee apple in more than twenty years!

    Jayne; after too much fruit, (is there such a thing as too much fruit?), I usually find cheese works well, for one of my girls, a piece of bread settles her tummy, the other girl, crisps, just like you.

    Kymmie; It's a long, hard, road. Luckily, I like apples.

    Cheese Whinw and Whispers; one step at a time, plus the many steps of a 6km walk. You're right, I CAN do this. I've done it before. Of course I was much younger then. Ever notice how much harder it is to lose a few kg when you get past 45?

  6. You go River!! I'm in awe. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off...

    And, by the way, you won my Norton giveaway! Drop me an email at with your details and I'll pop it in the post :)

  7. Aww take heart river. I bought some dumbell weights last week and working out an hour each night, my shoulders hurt! Think of summer and the good it will do!

  8. It seems like we're all in this together.... I may review and eat a lot of chocolate but still struggle to be 'good' the rest of the time.

    Damn achilles not allowing me to run isn't helping things either, *grumble grumble*

  9. Lori; woo-hoo, I'm a winner! email on its way.

    Baino; I've thought about buying weights, but with my shoulder just getting better, I think carrying milk home from work is enough.

    Kath; I've been reading your Chocco reviews super fast and clicking away so I'm not tempted to write down any new choccie varieties.
    Can you walk instead of running?

  10. I'm not going anywhere near Kath's blog until that Magnum jingle is disabled. I feel like Homer Simpson every time he hears 'donut'.

    The food look a lot more if you put it in a bowl and I love fruit in salad.

  11. JahTeh; I've had to mute my computer since that Magnum jingle is constantly in the background no matter what site I'm on. It's a little annoying after a day or so. I would have thought I'd only hear it from Kath's site.


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