title? you want a title for this?

This morning I spent an hour or so trimming dead and dying leaves off

my palms,

my philodendrons,

and the monstera.

Bloodied a knuckle and gave more than a few spiders a bit of a fright.
Mostly Daddy-Long-Legs, like this one here. Did you know that the Daddy-Long-Legs is Australia's most poisonous spider? Fortunately for us, his fangs are so tiny, they cannot penetrate human flesh.

I also found that my palms are once again infested with mealy bugs. I'm convinced that as soon as one of them sets up residence here, he immediately sends a message to his family saying how nice it is here and they should all come out. How else would I get so many? Every year!
Ever seen one up close?
Here he/she is.

And here's another one, I'm pretty sure it's female and laying her egg. (egg sac?)

And what did I do after all this hard work?
I made pancakes for lunch.



  1. I used to think that about Daddy Long legs too - then I googled it :)

  2. Loz; uh-oh, now I'd better get googling.

  3. Your photos are incredible - who thought I'd be looking intently at an insect's EGG SAC before breakfast!

  4. The pancakes look fab! We are in the desert in Qatar so it's so lovely to see pictures of green. I'm your latest follower! Kirsty

  5. Kath; I hope I didn't put you off your cornflakes.

    Shamozal; welcome. Where exactly is Qatar? I've never heard of it. I'm popping over to see your blog now.

  6. Wow, creepy crawlies in detail I can look at without having to yell for other half to come and remove them. Superb photo's. You do realise River that you have a special talent?

    I love it when I go to a blog I enjoy already only to click on another via it and spend a happy half hour reading. I can't believe how boring my life is compared to your new visitor Shamozal.

    I have a fad at the moment for pancakes - ham and brie yum, having been unwell they are tempting my tastebuds. I may move on to sweet ones preferring at present savoury.


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