ugh! summer!

I don't handle heat well.
Inside or out.
Wearing hats or not.
Sunnies? On as soon as I step outside.
Makes no difference.
As soon as the temperatures get above 30, I get headachy.
I've spent most of today lying down, falling asleep,
trying to get rid of the headache that kicked in about 10pm last night.
It's backed off a little, with the help of a strong coffee, two naps,
and so far today, 8 panadols.
Wednesday is supposed to be cooler, with a possible shower of rain,
well I certainly hope so.
It takes me most of the summer to get used to the heat.
Then when autumn comes along and the air still stays hot, I get cranky.
This is not my favourite time of the year.


  1. Hello, River! I'm so glad I came back to see what your site was all about. Pics of trees and twisted chimneys and just a little of everything. :)

    I dislike the season coming up as well... winter. I used to live in Aus. but have never seen Panadol for sale here in the States. It took me a little bit to realize that that's where you are because you threw me off with the South American plant post. Ha!

  2. Happy Elf Mom; welcome. I've had a bit of a browse through your site too, it's familiar, I think I've been there before, a long time ago.
    I like winter, but by that I mean I prefer our Australian winter. I don't think I'd cope so well with ice and snow. Panadol is our name for paracetamol, maybe that's available where you are?

  3. You really are in the wrong city if you don't like heat. Melbourne's government used to move to Tasmania for the summer. That is a great idea if you can afford it.

  4. Eight panadols a day is too many, you'll bugger your kidneys.

  5. Hi River,

    Come to England. It's freezing now but in our "summer" it is probably warmer Down Under.

    I don't like too much heat either and over here we generally only get as high as 25 degrees C in the summer (though it has been known to reach 30 and above on occasion).



  6. Heat, yurck.
    Let's pack up and move to Tassie for "The Season".
    We might start a fashion trend!

  7. I'm with you on the sunnies - they're on even in winter when I venture outside - too much squinting encourages Mr Migraine to visit.

    I actually liked the heat yesterday after spending nine hours in a windowless and freezing office. Felt great to power walk home and feel air, heat and life returning to my bones again.

  8. Andrew; if I could afford it, I would find some place in the world where it's permanently 23 degrees.

    R.H. My kidneys, and liver too are fine. You should see what I take when my back is doing its spasm dance...

    Plasman; England has snow and ice. I like it cold, but that's too cold.

    Jayne; if I remember rightly, last summer Tassie sweltered just as much as mainland Australia.
    I can't leave Adelaide, all my family is here.
    Well, my brother lives in Perth, but he's rarely there.

    Kath; sunnies in winter for me too, unless there's a lot of cloud cover. The glare kicks off headaches for me too. I like the heat when I first step out of Coles after work, but by the time I'm halfway home, I'm hating it. Not so bad right now, but later when the humidity kicks in, I really suffer.

  9. Ha! Maybe you should have tried chocolate as a headache antidote!! Any excuse ...

    Happy travels!!

  10. Red Nomad OZ; I have different types of headache. Some of them are helped by chocolate, some by two or three strong coffees in a row, some by a teaspoon of sugar eaten just as is. Mostly I know what sort I've got, lucky me.


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