I'm singing in the rain..

Well, not, actually.
Singing and me are not a good match.

As promised by my little computer weather icon, today is cloudy, cool and rainy. Woo-hoo!
I knew it was raining when I left work, but wanted that cool wet feeling, so left my spare umbrella in my locker and walked on home. Bliss!!

On the way home, I saw a semi-trailer with a sign reading "Don't Privatise SA Forests", and something else that I've forgotten, something about killing small communities.
He was stopped at a traffic light and I pointed to his sign and gave him a thumbs up. He nodded and gave me two thumbs up in return.
Now I'm sitting here doing this, with every door and window open to the cooler air.
I love rain.
The images above are from google, thanks to whoever put them there.


  1. Hey who would have thought there were so many cute parasols in the world.

    I came across from Cheryl's blog. Nice to meet a fellow Aussie. Pay me a visit if you like. I have 5 blogs, one on Aussie travel.:)

  2. I love rain too and my big umbrella looks like the rainbow one you have pictured there.

    Even walking home tonight in about half an hour, I won't mind holding a brolly while my lower half gets wet. I love the smell and feel of it all. Good de-stressor too, considering the day I've had.

    ....wonder if I've got the energy to blog about it....

  3. Jayne; I've never before seen parasols that look like corsets! They're great aren't they?

    L'Aussie; welcome. I'll pop over and see your blogs.

    Kath; I had a rainbow one once, lent it to someone, never got it back. Hmpf!

  4. Love the parasols. Each of your posts are so different always a nice suprise. Glad to hear you weren't sobbing in the rain. Although thinking on that its probably a cathartic thing to do.

    I have somewhat of blogging block at the moment taking the easy way out, reading and commenting. So much more pleasurable than trying to squeeze words from my brain that just aren't there regarding my life.

  5. Achelois; I find reading and commenting so much easier than trying to write something too.

  6. Good on ya for giving your thumbs up to the truckie. Bad news if they do privatise our forests. Very bad news.


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