somebody bring me a wheelchair

My feet don't want to walk anymore.

Today at work I was just about run off my feet. Here, there, up the stairs, down the stairs, up again, down again........over and over.
Helping here, doing there.

When it was almost time to go home, I realised I hadn't eaten, the growling stomach and lightheadedness alerted me, so up the stairs I went again, for a cheese and cracker snack.

At home, I kicked off my shoes and stretched out on the bed for 5 minutes. Well, it seemed like 5 minutes, but when I looked at the clock an hour had passed. How do you enjoy a nap if you don't realise you've had one?

I put the bins out and set off on my walk. One and a half kms, no problem, another one and a half kms homeward bound, no problem.

Then I made the mistake of sitting down as soon as I got home. Tried to get up a few minutes later to find all my muscles had stiffened up and gone on strike. The heels and balls of my feet absolutely did not want to take the weight of my body.

Limped and hobbled my way to a hot shower, which helped the rest of me, but not my feet.
Hours later now, they still don't want to carry me.

Maybe tomorrow at work I'll sit in a trolley and scoot around that way.......


  1. It sounds like you probably already had your Power Walk times eleven at work so you can give yourself the night off after a long day.
    I did tonight :)

  2. You've had your exercise for the week and then some!
    Take it easy, you don't want to strain something important ;)

  3. Total opposite for me today -- I did a lot of driving and my butt and neck hurt. Hot shower works wonders though, doesn't it?
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow :)

  4. Several hot showers! Or even several hot showers WORTH of water = a bath! Luxury if you've got one ... the only thing that works for me after a hard day of fencing or painting!!

    Happy travels!

    PS You could always get Kath to send you a chocolate 'rescue pack' ...

  5. My son gave his sister last Christmas a very swanky foot bath that massages and more. It sounds as though you need one. Failing that treat yourself to homemade foot pampering session (eating chocolate at the same time essential) peppermint lotion is good for tired tired hurty feet. I know this sounds gross but because of the EDS daughter and I have spent a lot of time researching actively how to alleviate the pain of foot pain! Soaking feet in hot bowl with a cammomile teabag in does work! Followed by much massaging with a good foot moisturiser. It sounds though as if your feet need a rest. Some decent pressure relieving insoles for your work shoes also!

    Be kind to yourself and have a rest. You deserve one.

  6. Kath; I didn't do my walk today, but I did head back to Coles for some shopping. I was out of milk and decided I wasn't walking all that way just for milk, so it was bleach and garbage bags and juice as well, plus a tiny steak for my dinner.

    Jayne; everything was fine this morning, except for the heel pain, I need to put the arch supports back into the sneakers.

    Toni; hot showers are heaven!

    Red Nomad OZ; Baths are out of the question, I don't feel safe anymore climbing in and out. Besides, that's where I store my bulk packets of loo paper.

    Achelois; I had some peppermint lotion years ago, it works well. I'll try the chamomile soak later tonight.


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