we're doing it wrong

I read a comment in the paper a couple of weekends ago, from a bloke who says he doesn't mind that our kids are doing the Halloween thing, but he thinks we're doing it wrong.

Instead of dressing up as all kinds of ghosts and other spookies and saying "trick or treat" for lollies, our kids should be dressing up as Ned Kelly and his bunch and saying "stand and deliver", and we should be giving them chocolate bullets.

Seeing as how this is Australia, he has a fair point.


Chocolate bullets come in fairly large packets. At a not-so-cheap-cost.

Getting in enough of those to satisfy maybe a couple of dozen little Ned Kellys would mean we first have to dress up ourselves and head to the local bank and demand that they stand and deliver.

What do you think?
Halloween? Or Bushranger night?


  1. I think bushranger night would be awesome! though it wouldn't leave much variety for costumes lol

  2. I'll be honest and say that I've always disliked the idea of Ned Kelly being worshipped as a hero and chocolate bullets are DISGUSTING! Rock hard and the cheap 'chocolate' falls off like unwanted scabs..... ~shudder~

  3. I now have the song Rubber Bullets stuck in my head lol.

  4. Why have either? Halloween is an American festival (commemorating what, exactly??) and I'm with Kath on the bushranger thing ... so call me a killjoy!!

    Happy travels!!

  5. MMBB; That's true about the costumes. You'd have to settle for differing degrees of rust and more or less bullet holes.

    Kath; I'm in two minds about the whole thing, well three minds actually. I agree that Ned Kelly wasn't a hero and shouldn't be celebrated as such, but on the other hand, if kids are going to copy Halloween, let them do it Aussie style. Then there's the part of my mind that says you teach your kids not to take candy from strangers, then send them out to do just that.
    Not all bullets have rock hard licorice in them, you need to keep trying different brands....

    Toni; Halloween, Aussie style.

    Frogdancer; I love chocolate bullets.

    Jayne; Ear worm payback.

    Red Nomad OZ; Halloween celebrates All Hallows Eve, the night when Ghosts etc are able to cross between our world and theirs. That's why in the past a lot of kids dressed as ghosts and Zombies and such. Now they just use any old costume that takes their fancy.


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