candlelight is so romantic

We had some blackouts here last night.
Three to be exact. I'm not counting the two minor ones where the power came back on immediately.
Blackout number one occured just as I was thinking of making a coffee.
So I went around lighting a few candles,

then texted my K who said I could still have coffee, I would just have to heat it up slowly, over a candle.
I took a walk outside to see if the other units were also blacked out or if it was just me.
They were blacked out too, even the streetlights were out.

I found the old radio by torchlight, found the batteries and put those in,

then settled down to read. By candlelight. Because dvd players do not work without electricity.
After 45 minutes the power came back on, so I made my cup of coffee, drank it, and just as I was taking the cup to the sink for rinsing, the power went out again.
Relit the candles, and read a few more chapters.
When the power came back on for the second time, I hurriedly washed up the dishes, then watched half an episode of Criminal Minds, and the power went off again.
With the third return of the electricity, I turned off the TV and DVD player, reset the bedside clock and went to bed.
If I have to be reading instead of watching, I might as well be comfy, right?
So I read until I was sleepy, then turned off the light.


  1. Black outs, coming to a city near you or near me soon. I think they will be nicely phrased as rotational outages.

  2. Blackouts are bad, but candlelight does make things a lot better, doesn't it?

    For a few hours at least; not when the freezer starts leaking.....


    Sweet nothings enthrall
    When you've sweet fuck all
    Not even a brass razoo!
    So what joy in the gloom
    Of my shabby room
    To snack out
    In a blackout
    With you!


    A poet never pays his light bill, it's a romance killer. Power companies know this, that's why they provide blackouts. Don't ever say corporations ain't got a heart.

  4. Ah I love candlelight, but do prefer it to be at my demand. Saw your badge for the Aussie Bloggers conference will have to check that out. Came here via your comment on Our Great Southern Land. Love your blog name - Drifting Through Life - wish I could do that - far too much angst over here.

  5. Andrew; welcome. I don't think ths was a rotational outage, three times between 9pm and midnight, more like a breakdown somewhere.

    Kath; I'm glad I still had the candles and they're nicely vanilla scented too. I didn't even think about the freezer when I opened it and got a bowl of ice-cream for a late snack.

    R.H. Ha Ha, you've made me laugh, thank you.

    Cheryl; welcome. I also prefer candlelight at my own demand. My preference is for bright light so I can see what I'm eating and reading.

  6. Laugh? I expected a deletion.

    Thank you so much.


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