back to the walking

After resting my shins and painful right foot for the weekend, today I went back to the walking routine.
First I massaged arthritis cream into my knee and the bones of my foot, as the cream has a pain reliever in it I was pretty sure that it would help.
Plugged in my I-pod, and set off down the driveway. So far, so good. Okay then, let's get going.

Down to the corner, cross the road, stride along in time to the music. (used to be able to keep this up for at least an hour). Still going well.
Then the shins began to complain. Ignored them and kept going. Two blocks further on, they were practically screaming at me. "Why are you doing this to us?"

So I stopped for a bit, gave them time to calm down and set off again. Much slower. Forget striding along with Madonna's beat, a casual stroll instead of the exercise speed seems to be the way to go.

I thought the slower speed would take me a lot longer to complete the 3km, but as it turns out I added an extra block at the halfway mark and still got home only 5 minutes later than expected.

So here's the deal, shins. Are you listening? I'll keep walking, (yes, yes, new shoes are coming, I promise, but the gas bill had to be paid), doing the casual stroll style, and you lessen up on the pain level, okay? Deal.


  1. It does work. The more you move, the less it hurts. Now that the days are getting longer it's rather lovely to take a walk . . if only the rain would stop.

  2. Keep it up, River. You WILL win the Battle of the Shin!

  3. Hi River,

    Music really helps with exercise. I used to do cross country running in my youth and, although I didn't have an iPod in those days, I used to replay my favourite songs in my head as a I ran. You can build up a real rhythm and the running becomes really enjoyable.

    I really need to start this again.




  4. Baino; walk in the rain, it's only water...

    Kath; the Battle of the Shin may very well become world war three.

    Plasman; keeping to the beat is what's doing my shins in. And that's walking; running is out of the question. But if you take it up again, run an extra mile for me, okay?


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