The Ghost of Christmas Past

Yesterday was Norwood's Christmas Pageant day.
I'd hoped to take photos, but I was rostered on to work at the same time as the pageant was making its way down The Parade.

Instead, I bring you.... Christmas Past.

Norwood Christmas Pageant 1990.

These girls danced, high-kicked and cartwheeled the entire time.

Just clowning around.

Look Ma! No hands! No heads either.....

The Gingerbread House.
This car had Christmas Carols on loudspeaker. I do love Christmas Carols.

"Things go better with Coke." Everyone remembers that old jingle, right?

Kiddie sized Coke!

I loved this Bookworm.

The Greatest Show On Earth, single handed.

Even Con the Fruiterer made an appearance!

Christmas Fairies.

The Pudding. I'm the only one in my family who likes christmas pudding.
Four kids, and not one of them shares my taste for pudding! Oh well, more for me.

The posters attached to this van were drawn and painted by a man I once knew very well.
Copied from Christmas cards, the images took him just over a week to do.
On the front is Santa in his sleigh.

The passenger side has Santa with his sack of toys.

The driver's side shows Santa having a well earned rest and a cup of tea from Mrs. Santa Claus.
All these photos were taken with an old-fashioned, non-digital camera, with no zoom lens.
I used two rolls of film that day, but many of the photos aren't clear, and others have the faces of my children. I can't put those in because I did promise never to put images of them up here on my blog.
I missed getting a photo of Santa at the end of the pageant because, darn it! I ran out of film!
There wasn't a lot of tinsel and sparkle evident, but the day was sunny, the children lining The Parade and Queen Street had a lot of fun and the Christmas spirit was everywhere.


  1. Woohoo, that looks like a fun day out!

  2. I remember that fruit pudding - I think the outfit/bike lasted for quite a few years.

    We took Sapphire to the Norwood pageant back in 2003. She saw a local Norwood footy player walk past, throwing lollies in his red and blue outfit and said, "Who's that clown?" Love Chunks laughed sooooo hard.

  3. Jayne; I was living at Toorak Gardens back then and my daughter K and I walked all the way to The Parade to get the photos.

    Kath; 2003 was when I moved here to Maylands. I may have seen the same pageant if I was shopping that day. But it's possible I was working, I can't remember. Back then I was still working at WestLakes Coles.

  4. My non-digital camera has taken virtually ALL the photos on my blog! It's even easier these days to run out of film, and no one wants to know about camera repairs ... sigh ...

    Loved the pudding shot!!

    Happy travels!!

  5. Red Nomad OZ; I prefer my digital camera. I can view the pictures instantly and delete the ones that aren't any good. So much better than waiting for developed photos to come back and then finding out I've wasted almost an entire roll of film. The other thing I like is my memory card holds about 300 photos at a time. Rolls of film can't do that. of course the batteries I now have to buy are quite expensive. I get the Lithium ones because they'll last through about 600 photos.

  6. lolol Good ol' Con!

    That looks like a great day out River :)

  7. as I said in my last comment River, love your photos....pity you had to work and missed this years pageant.... thank you for sharing Christmas past:)....also thanks for commenting on my Zumba post.... I haved replied but basically .... start slowly and fish oil tablets and glucosamine are great for the knees and joints.... Zumba is a blast.... be sure to let me know if you go....

  8. God I cringe when I see these things. We have an "Orange Blossom Festival" similar but when you look at how well the Americans do these pageants and parades, ours are just embarrassing.

  9. Mistress B; Con was my favourite character, but I can't remember the name of the show he was in.

    Cheese Whine and Whispers; If a zumba class opens near enough that I can get to, I'll be checking it out. But it has to be close, I don't drive and I'm not catching a bus where I might fall asleep and just go round and round Adelaide until they kick me off, ha ha.

    Baino; Where's your Good Old Aussie spirit?? Who cares if the Yanks are fancier?


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