who are you?

I see on my sidebar I have 30 followers. I know most of you from visiting your blogs, but there's a few names I don't recognise.

Naomi; Alisi's Mummy; Dave; James Deagle; Kezz; Sarah.Murray.

Could you perhaps leave a comment so that I can click over to your blogs for a visit?
Maybe I've already been there and just don't remember, but I'd like to come back for another look.

Thank you all so much for following.
I never expected to have more than a handful of followers.


  1. Well, you know me lol.
    And you've won a book giveaway over on my blog, early pressie for you!

  2. Jayne; I won? Yay! I'll be right over.

  3. Just click on the follower and it will reveal their blog or email.Trust me you'll have more than that looking here. If you want to know who, for how long and where they came from, get a Google Analytics page or Statcounter. You'd be surprised who's lurking!

  4. Baino; click on the follower? Thanks. Doing that right now.


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