second attempt at long distance walking.

I bought the new shoes I'd been promising myself, so white they're almost shiny.
Ignore the crappy carpet.
I said ignore it!! Look at the shoes!!

So I had another try at the 6km walk.
Let me tell you people, it's a whole lot easier with balanced heels.

I tend to strike the ground with the outer edge of my heels, so my old sneakers are worn down and with each step I could feel my heel sliding, thus taking my shin and knee slightly out of alignment. (=pain)
Not so bad when strolling casually around the neighbourhood, disastrous when attempting serious walking for exercise. Improved fitness level will be a bonus.

I chose a different destination, along Portrush Road all the way to Burnside Village and back.
3km each way.

When I started out, my ankles protested a bit, probably because I stumbled on a raised paver during yesterday's walk and came down hard on both feet to keep balance. (Jarred my hip and slept covered in arthritis strength Deep Heat.)

By the time I'd done 1 1/2 km, I was feeling okay, ankles were good, the breeze was lovely and the clouds kept the sun off. Good thing too, I'd forgotten my hat! Bad me!
The footpath in that direction (south) is so much more flat than going the other way, where I have to watch almost every footstep because of uneven paving.

I made it to Burnside Village, located the toilet, then had a wander around the new and improved Coles. It's kind of large.... if I was shopping there, I'd need a packed lunch. It was big when I lived across the road and shopped there, but now it's about twice the size.

The whole shopping complex comprises Coles, a multitude of specialty and fashion shops, plus a huge new development still in progress.
The dollar certainly is mighty.

Anyway, I bought a banana, ate it while wandering past several shops looking for another exit, then went back to the one I'd entered by and set off home.

The time just passed so quickly, I ticked off the streets I passed in my mind, remembering them all from when I lived in Toorak Gardens, and before I knew it I was back at the Magill Road intersection. 5 minutes from home.

I didn't rush at all, didn't pace to the music, and reached home 1 hour and 40 minutes after setting out. Since that includes walking around the shopping centre a bit, I think I still did pretty well.

*fist pump*


  1. Those shoes are so white they'd glow in the dark, easy to see where you're treading during blackouts.
    So how do you measure these walks, and why are you doing it?

  2. Woo Hoo! You GO girl!! But don't put it all down to the shoes - your stamina is obviously improving as well!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. R.H. I've measured the distance in my street directory with a ruler according to the scale at the bottom of each page. 2inches = 1km.
    I'm doing it because I need to lose 10-15kg to lessen the pressure on my hips and knees since I'm developing arthritis in several joints. Also to improve my fitness. I used to be able to work hard, flat out from 7am to 4pm in a factory and still walk miles on weekends, now I get out of breath walking to work. That can't go on.

    Red Nomad OZ; I think the stamina is improving, I don't feel as tired as I did when I first started walking. I remember my first 3km walk, when I got home I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Today after 6km, I got out the computer and blogged about it, had a shower, ate an apple, did some cooking, (post tomorrow), still haven't had the nap I've become accustomed to having every day after work. Don't yet feel tired. But I will fall asleep as soon as I go to bed. I feel like the old me is returning.

  4. Red Nomad is right - it's stamina (must be close to six weeks when effects of exercise are noticeable) and good shoes. I notice they're NB - Sapph's got the same pair for tennis! Trouble is, I bought them without her and they're a size too large and even with two pairs of socks on she struggled to play in what appeared to be white canoes..... Maybe next season!

  5. Kath; New Balance is the brand that fits me best and doesn't need to be broken in. Shoe shopping takes me 5 minutes. I walk into the store, point to my feet and say "I'd like these in size 5 please", then I pay for them and walk out. I have small feet so I can buy kid sizes, saves me about $50.


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