coupla dayz...bewdiful

I'm taking a short break from blogging, nothing big, just a coupla days

1) to catch up on all the reading I missed while I was in Sydney

2) to dip into the works of the new blog addresses I have

3) to rest my fingers.

My carpal tunnels are giving me grief as they always do when the cooler weather first sets in, so my fingers feel numb and fuzzy and fat.

P.S. When typing out my last post, I double spaced the paragraphs, but it published as one long run on.

How annoying!!

My sincere apologies to anyone who found it hard to read.


  1. Sooky baby.

    Travel is the best you'll get from being alive.
    If there's no risk, no anxiety, you've wasted a trip.

  2. R.H. Oh, there was plenty of anxiety, don't you worry about that. A little relaxation too and some fun. In spite of being overwhelmed, I'm glad I went and will do it again if I can raise the money.

  3. Most fascinating for me was when you bought an umbrella, and a coat. Plus your lonesome trip on the ferry. Lonesome is always best done in public.


  4. Love the title of your post! Enjoy our pause from writing. I have so much reading to do that I think I've just about given up on ever properly catching up now.

  5. R.H. The ferry ride was fantastic. I really love the wind and the waves.

    Being Me; I don't think I'll ever catch up either.

  6. No problems reading any of your posts, River.
    I love a good ferry ride and totally empathize with those who stayed on for a second trip.
    That you bought a coat on your trip amused me, as I did the same thing during my only trip to Adelaide. It's nice to have that unpressured shopping time and to know that you coat has a greater chance of being unique when you get home. ;-)
    Have a great and well deserved blogging rest.

  7. Devi; I now have three wind-and-shower-proof coats and six umbrellas. I couldn't believe the cost of some of the umbrellas on offer. $65? For something that may not last much longer than a $5.99 one? Pfft!

  8. Hello from your newest follower! I'm also in Adelaide and looking forward to reading more of your posts :o)


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