packing for the flight

We all know I'm coming to Sydney.
We all know I'm doing it on a tight budget.
(aren't we all?)
So I bought the cheapest possible flight tickets.

No check in luggage, carry on only.
Carry on weight limit is 10kgs. Or under.

Which brings me to my dilemma.
Is this 10kgs a total weight encompassing weekender bag plus handbag?
Or is it just for the weekender, which I class as luggage, with a handbag being a separate unaccountable item?
Can anyone help me out here?
Have any of you flown with just carry on luggage?
Was your handbag classed as part of that weight or not?
Because I can fit quite a bit in a handbag..........

If the total limit is the 10kgs, what do I bring and what do I leave home?
Do I skip clothes in favour of my laptop, which doesn't weigh all that much, but I'd have to bring the power cord, there's a few extra ounces. And of course the camera has to come.
Never leave home without it.

I have a list........but............

Do I bring clothes, but just underwear and wear the same pair of jeans for the whole time?
Which I'm happy enough to do, happens here at home all the time.
But there's the nice pants, shirt and shoes my girl bought me for the conference day.
I want to wear them, for her.

Then there's toiletries.
I have bottles and jars of this and that, but in giant economy sizes. They weigh a ton.
So I've bought those little empty bottles in a bag from the cheap shop and I'm transferring small amounts into them. (Hope the stuff comes out as easily as it goes in.)
I'm not sure about my nail file. Are these allowed on planes now? My nails break all the time, I need it. *sigh* I guess I could bring emery boards....can't highjack a plane with those....

Toothbrush, comb, soap........antihistamine.....they don't weigh much.

I'll need a book to read on the plane, better choose a thin one, weighs less than something having 700 pages.
No wait! I can take a book of puzzles instead.
They're thin like a magazine, but much more entertaining.
And the flight is only a couple of hours.

Gosh, there's so much more planning involved than I thought.
At first I was thinking, toss a few things in this bag here, and go.

Then there's the return trip.
Ticket booked and paid for.
Carry on luggage only.
10kgs limit.

This means bringing less to Sydney to begin with, or not buying any souvenirs.
Hmmm, another dilemma.
(I'll know better next time I fly. There'll be check in luggage for sure.)

I wonder how accurate my bathroom scales are?
I could pack the weekender with everything I'd like to take,
weigh it, then add or remove as necessary.

Seems like a good idea. Of course theory and practical don't always match up.......

So much stressing!
I've had to make a pancake lunch to calm myself down.


  1. Not sure about the handbag - does it say anything on their website?? Weigh yourself in the clothes you're going to wear, then weigh yourself with all your baggage - that'll give you a rough guide. Wear the heavier items of clothing (eg if you're taking a jacket), then they won't count.

    Have fun!!!

  2. After all this worry you'll have to take a vacation from your vacation. I used to fly continually but I've simplified my life and no more flying.
    Have a wonderful time.

  3. Red Nomad OZ; Oh I forgot about a jacket. I wonder if I'll need one?
    I'll probably end up phoning the airport to check on the handbag thing.

  4. Manzanita; I've only ever flown twice before this. in 1972 and in 198? Both times paid for by the army who were moving my hubby interstate, so I've never had to worry about cost or luggage weight.

  5. Hi River,

    As a seasoned traveller (and a man) I would ditch all of the toiletries - every single last one of them. I know that women can fit an entire street into their handbags but askk yourself - do you really NEED everything in there?

    The laptop is a MUST as is the power cable.

    I usually weigh myself with bathroom scales (then shriek) and then weigh myself holding my case and it is fairly accurate.

    I've just returned from China with a massive suitcase than weighed 20.6kg - and that was for a two week trip.

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much you can actually accommodate in 10kg.

    Hope this helps.




    I criss-cross the State dragging a bag which has to weigh the least possible amount. The laptop lead with that heavy transformer is the thing I hate most.

    Re '10kgs limit' - does a person who weighs 65kgs (therefore 75kg total) get a break over a person who weighs 100 kgs before they put their handbag on board?

  7. I'm with Plasman - tone down your toiletries to the bare minimum (the hotel will have a few) and you'll be surprised how much gear that 10kg will allow you.

    Take the nice clothes and wear 'em every day. :)

  8. Plasman; the toiletries have to stay in. There's my vegetable oil based soap that doesn't make me itch, shampoo, ditto, deodorant and toothpaste. That's it. I don't wear makeup and perfumes, because of the itching. Weighing myself holding the packed bag is a good idea.

    An O'Dyne, yep, the transformer weighs as much as the laptop. I don't think personal weight is taken into account.

    Kath, not much there to tone down, see my comment to Plasman. I'll wear the nice clothes for the conference and my flight jeans and sneakers for buzzing around Sydney on the Sunday.

  9. I need to start thinking about packing....... EEEEP.

  10. Packing?
    Now you've got me panicking too :P

  11. Have a wonderful time at the Blogfest. As I am sure you will. I love your photos and am grateful for your assistance to this newbie so have awarded you a stylish blogger award. You can check it out here

  12. Being Me; You're probably more sensible than I am and have allowed for check in luggage so that you're not limited by weight.

    Jayne; mwah-hah-hah!!
    I remember going somewhere for a weekend when I was about 17. I packed a toothbrush and one pair of socks and undies and I was good to go.

  13. Ah I'm a very light traveller. Put everything you WANT to take on the bed and reduce it by 60%. Your hotel will have toiletries and a hair dryer, towels etc. If you're desperate, the shops are open 24/7 in the city. It'll be awesome and I am a little jealous, I didn't even hear about this. If you get a free moment, give me a call. I'm 40 minutes from the CBD and would love to meet for a drink by the harbour. Otherwise, have a blast.

  14. Baino; I thought about buying stuff while I'm there, but then I face the same weight limit coming home, and I'm not one to toss away barely used shampoo etc. So I'm bringing miniature amounts of stuff, and minimum clothing.

  15. Hi River

    Like the plasman I've done a China trip with only carry-on luggage and come home with things in their untouched.

    Toiletries: take the smallest amount you possibly can. Small bottles: fine. [The silliness about liquids applies to international.] If you are not taking much, fine. (Getting by on a trip w/o toothpaste and deodorant aint fun.

    Nail file: DO NOT. No sharp objects. No knitting needles, nothing at all that might be seen as a weapon.

    Clothes: always undies, a change of clothes is highly desirable and you should manage in 10kg.

    Bag to put it in: the smallest, lightest weight bag you can get. Soft sided. Light. There are plenty of these around.

    Camera: if its an SLR you might be out of luck, in the bag with it and count it. If its not can you use a belt and attached it to that? [I do this, its also harder to lose.]

    If I assume you are going for 1-3 days you should be OK with 10kg. You might want to consider leaving the laptop behind. Seriously... what would you use it for anyhow?

    If you must take it, leave the charger. Fully charge it and ration yourself. You should get 4 or more hours from a charge, that might be enough.

    Laptops are a pain, you really don't want to lug them around everywhere and if you leave it somewhere you don't want it nicked. Sometimes home is the best place... just something to consider.

    OH: If flying Jetstar (aka NoStar) then make sure you are at the airport WAAAAY early. They close the arrivals gate 30 mins before departure and if you are in the line waiting for checkin, its tough luck. Be there an hour before.

    If flying tiger then expect the flight to get cancelled and rescheduled. They do this a lot. Make sure you don't have too much where you must be shortly after arriving, just in case this happens.

  16. hi river, I've never flown with jetstar but handbag and laptop bag don't usually include in the carryon luggage. But will be best to check with jetstar.
    Have a great day!!


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