there's a chill in the air

It's definitely autumn. Yes, the days are still warm and sunny, but there's enough chill in the breeze to make me close the windows. There's enough chill in the pre-dawn air to warrant wearing a jacket to work. Which I then have to carry home because it's too warm to wear it by mid-morning. There's enough chill in the air to turn my thoughts to beef casseroles, roast chicken dinners, apple pies, warm brownies. I bought new flannelette pyjamas and got my fluffy slippers out from their hiding place in the wardrobe. The chill in the breeze makes sitting in the sun in a sheltered spot a longed for treat, after months of avoiding the sun as much as possible. *brushes the dust and cobwebs off the lawn chairs* It's so lovely to finally be cooler. Dammit!! I want my paragraphs. This edit had better work......


  1. Veronica; hahahahaha, got you cooking now have I?

  2. Ah well, it is all about the content not the style.

  3. River,
    see if any of this is useful.
    hope you get it fixed soon.

  4. OOPS! forgot the link hahahahha

  5. Autumn! And here we are, fighting our way out of summer with aNOTHER flippin' snow storm on the way Sunday! Ha ha ha! Everyone in Minnesota is just the tiniest bit nuts right now...

    No worries. :-) We'll all be back to normal once the temperature hits 40 and stays there for a couple days...


  6. Hi River,

    Winter is just about over and we are heading to Spring and Summer. Yippee!!!!





  7. Autumn. I love it. One of my equally two favourite seasons of the year. The cats start wanting to be inside with me again, I can sleep properly under warm doona's but with nice cool air to breathe, both are visually appealling and the craft room is getting an "Autumn clean" in preparation for the next few months Bugalicious and I will spend in there.
    Love fluffy slippers. :-)

  8. Yes I'm grateful for the cooler weather although the days in Sydney have been quite warm really. Worst thing about this time of year is a damn huge liquid amber dumping enormous leaves in the pool. Ah well, I guess fishing them out is good exercise in preparation for all those casseroles and apple pies.

  9. I'm looking forward to the cooler months coming up especially the frost on the ground and the fog, can't wait :-).

  10. Andrew; I'm no style queen , that's for sure.

    Toni; I'll try that link, thanks.

    Pearl; I don't think I could handle snow, I like cold, but not freezing.

    Plasman; no warming apple pies for you then.

    Devi; It's fantastic sleeping weather.

    Baino; Yes. No dessert until every leaf is out of the pool.

  11. Windsmoke; I don't get much frost in my little corner, it's pretty sheltered, but we do get a bit of fog in the later months, around September.


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