Sunday Selections #9

Welcome to Sunday Selections #9

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This week, I've chosen to feature little things. The tiny bits that hold other bits together.
Where would we be without them?

Staples. A staple (ha ha) item in all offices and many homes.

Stitches. Holding together large or small pieces of fabric to create pillowcases like this one, or clothing, even shoes and handbags.

Tiny screws and hinges that hold the arms on spectacles.

More miniature screws, nuts and bolts.

Hooks that hold the strings of beads onto a mobile.

Paper clips and safety pins. Essential items for any handbag, because you never know when you might need one or the other.

Buttons. Without these your shirts will fly open in the breeze.
The thin thread that holds the buttons to the shirt.

Tiny screws that hold tiny hinges onto miniature cupboards.

Buckles. For holding a watch band together, so you don't lose it. Also seen on shoes, belts and handbags.

The tiny clasp that holds the ends of a necklace together.

Hooks holding the strings of beads onto the pendant of a necklace.

The tiny ring that holds the pendant onto a necklace.

The screw on the inside of a drawer that holds the knob onto the outside of the drawer.

A twisted small nail, holding the wheel onto a trolley.

A small brass hinge, connecting the swing mirror to the supports.

All bigger things are held together with smaller parts, which in turn are sometimes held by even tinier things.
I couldn't photograph the miniature screws, 2mm across the head, that are on the bottom of my camera, but they're there, holding the base on tightly.
Now go on over to frogpondsrock, add your name to the link if you've done a Sunday Selections post and have a look at what others have done for their Sunday Selections.


  1. Love the idea. BUT in my newness, I don't know how to do the links. Can you tell me sometime?

    Also loved your tiny things collection. Thankyou.

  2. Great perspective, up close and personal :)

  3. I will do this. Someday. Too tired today.

    Love these close up shots, River.

  4. So true, where would we be in this world without the tiny links that keep everyting together.
    I love the rusty twisted nail, and I really, really want that mobile...

  5. What a great concept! You've made me look at things from a different perspective this evening. I really love the stitches - maybe because I love my craft. The paper clips really drew me in as well. Fantastic job!

  6. Elephant's Child; do you mean the links within your post that take the reader to the linked post? If you're with Blogger, like I am, in your "new post" window, where you are typing your words, along the top is a tool bar with icons, mouse over these in turn until you find the one that says "link". Mine looks like a slightly squashed world globe. Okay? Now, Highlight the words you want to link back to someone, then click on the link icon. A window will open where you enter the url of the site you want to link to. then click on the ok at the top right hand corner of the link window. Your chosen words should now be a different colour, indicating the link is effective. To add your name to the list on the post you are reading, for instance Kim's post, at the bottom where it says add your name or click to link or whatever, click on that and add your url to the window that opens. Once you've done it, it's not as confusing as it sounds.

    gaby@727m2; I love my macro setting.

    Kath, hmmm, I'll believe it when I see it....(said nicely)

    Starfish; when the little bits fail us, that's when you need the safety pins....

  7. These are fantastic! I love the staple, so simple. Where would we be without these small things that we take for granted. What a great persepctive :)

  8. I would have never guessed it was a staple. Great shot and a wonderful idea to photograph all these very important little thingies ;-)

  9. Brilliant, imaginative, Thank You!!

  10. NEAT-O-! I really liked this post , with things holding up and onto other things making all things function opperate.

    You know what I noticed too? "Things" are able to offer another thread of something to grasp....on the "Hooks" and also on the Bent nail on the whell...there are unintensional items -someone else placed there-on purpose!

    This was so creative, thanks..loved it!

  11. I really really enjoy your Sunday selections River :)

  12. LOVE the way you see things, River. What a brilliant post!

  13. Kellie; stsitches are something most people don't even think about, unless they knit or sew.

    sleepydwarf; thank you

    Carolina; I was going to photograph it from the flat side, but that would just look like a line on a piece of paper.

    Cherie; thank you.

    allhorsestuff; you're right, for these things to work, they must have something to grasp onto.

    Kim; I enjoy yours too.

    Toni; I'm little,(well short), so I see the little things.


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