Sunday Selections #11

Sunday Selections is brought to us each week by Kim, of Frogpondsrock.

The idea is to hunt through your photo files and find the ones that have never seen the light of day.

Give them an airing on your blog under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim, then leave a comment at her site and add your name to her linky list.

This week, the theme, (you don't have to make a theme, you can use random photos),

at Drifting Through Life,

is discarded, thrown away, tossed out.

If you'd like to join in, just follow the instructions outlined above the photos here.
We don't mind who you are or what you post, just have fun with it.
The more the merrier, as the saying goes.


  1. Jeez we throw a lot of stuff away. I was driving home yesterday with a bag of plastic pieces on the seat next to me that my friend had given me. (She is a scientist and took them from the stomachs of dead sea birds)There was so much plastic on the side of the highway it was quite depressing. :(

  2. It is quite depressing seeing so much waste carelessly discarded around the place instead of in bins. One thing Newcastle and the part of the Hunter region that I see regularly is that it will never win a Tidy Town award as I am appalled by how much litter I see on the side of the roads - which is such a shame because apart from that it is a really visually beautiful region.

  3. People are so lazy as all that litter can be recycled but not the dirty cigarette :-).

  4. funny how I had the bread tag in one of my shots too. Amazing how much rubbish you can find around.

  5. Kim; I'm always saddened by the amount of plastic that finds its way into our oceans and the stomachs of birds and fish.

    gaby: I was horrified this morning when out to buy the paper, I passed a street bin that someone had emptied all over the footpath.

    Windsmoke; I agree, people are lazy. In my block of units there are tenants who don't want the junk mail we all get, but instead of putting it in their recycle bins they just drop it all on the ground by the mailboxes.FRom there it blows all the way down the driveway to area yard, where I pick it up and put it in my bin.

  6. Oh poo, blogger add my comment!

    Maccas have a lot to answer for on the litter front, don't they? And don't get me started on why Victoria and other states aren't following SA's lead on apply deposits to beverage containers. Often I'll mentally add up 10c for each bottle or can I pick up or see and it's not unusual to arrive at my destination having 'earned' ten bucks......

  7. learncreatedo; welcome to drifting. I've found the biggest litterers are smokers with their butts and empty packets, and those people who chuck their fast food empties everywhere.

    Kath; You're wondering about the bottles deposits, people over here are wondering why SA didn't just copy the other states in keeping the plastic bags.
    You're making a tidy profit from other people's laziness though.

  8. I abhor cast aside rubbish. Cigarette buts can be re-cycled, put into a bucket of water and used to spray a tree in orchard's the name of which has gone from my brain to get rid naturally of a mite the name of which I can't remember either. Not much help there then! But they can be used, I know this because my father used to collect my sister's buts and make a big thing of it.....

  9. Achelois; Now that you mention it, I remember reading something about this years ago. I don't remember any details though.


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