good morning customers....

Checkout six is now open for your shopping convenience.... As most of you know, I'm a checkout chook, but I've been on light duties around the store due to a shoulder injury. (for 7 boring months) I've been seeing the physio for a few weeks now, and have several sets of exercises to do. These have brought on a whole new series of aches....... Anyway, the shoulder has improved quite a lot, so last week after seeing the physio, I waited in the waiting room (where else), to see my doctor for a review. I think this must be the only waiting room in the world that doesn't have magazines, not even old ones. I asked if I could possibly have a trial period back on the checkout. I'm pretty sure the shoulder is as good as it's going to get, and I won't know if I'm able to physically cope with checkout work unless I try. The doctor agreed with me, yay!, so next Monday I start back on the early morning shift, (it's the easiest one), for two weeks to see how I go. I'm going to be super careful about how I lift things and how much weight I pack into customers bags. I want this to go well. I've discovered that the light duties aren't so much light as different. I'm still lifting items, (to restock the shelves), so I don't see it as being much different from checkout work, apart from being able to take it as slowly as I like, and walking around the store instead of staying behind my counter, while on checkout if people start lining up and looking impatient, then I'd better work a bit faster. My supervisor has agreed to me keeping the restricted hours until I readjust so I'll still be doing only 16 hours a week for a while. Which leaves me plenty of time for the exercises. I'll probably do them in between naps....


  1. Can anyone tell me why Blogger is refusing to acknowledge my paragraph spacings?

  2. Can't help you with that, but I would love to hear some checkout stories. Maybe a bit hard now you have an identity.

  3. Yay. That is wonderful news. All digits crossed for you. And blogger seems to have a mind of its own - it sometimes swallows my paragraph breaks too, but I have found I can then save, exit and edit them back in (if that makes sense).

  4. Good luck. Customers need to remember that not only you have to lift their bags, but they have to lift them out of the car when they get home. Sometimes, the younger checkout kids pack the bags so full I can hardly lift them out of the boot! Don't overdo it now!

  5. Well done Chookie babe. Getting back on the horse and probably doing the work that you like the best anyway....?

    Oh and blogger and I don't always see eye-to-eye on paragraph spacings either. This morning was particularly fraught!

  6. Andrew; There's not many stories in early morning customers, that's the shift I do, they're mostly people coming in for the paper, or smokes, or morning tea for the office..but I'll try and take more notice than I used to.

    Elephant's Child; I've tried the editing thing and the paragraphs are still lost.

    Baino, I used to pack them full, because the customer would say fill it up, but now I won't be.

    Toni; I'm going to be taking it really easy and there's a rumor that the cigarette shelves are going to be lowered. That's the best news ever! No more stretching up too high to get that packet of B&H, (the most popular seller) which is always on the top shelf.

    Kath; I don't think I would have got this chance if I hadn't brought it up myself with the physio and the doctor. I do prefer the early morning checkout shift, it's easy, not many people buy more than a couple of things, so not much lifting involved.
    Wonder what's up with the paragraph thing? It used to work just fine.


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