the disqus retraction

Some time ago, I wrote about the Disqus comment thread; the problems it was causing; why I hated it and would never use it. Several commenters agreed with me and a couple had said they no longer had Disqus as their comment option. Well, since then I've read a blog or three where I felt I just had to leave a comment. They had Disqus for their comments, so I prepared to wait the necessary length of time to leave my comment. Only to find that was no longer the case. The comment box opened quickly, my comment appeared as I was typing and entering my name and password took much less time than before. After clicking submit, my comment appeared in the thread immediately. I don't know what happened to cause this beneficial change, but I'm no longer avoiding Disqus.


  1. It's been playing nicely for me too! Maybe they did an update?

  2. The Disqus Retraction sounds like it should be the name of a Big Bang Theory episode.

  3. Yep, it's been behaving itself on a few blogs for me recently, too.
    Hell must have frozen over *snort*

  4. Veronica; Maybe they read my post on how I hated it.

    no-one; Yes. Yes it does.

    Ro; I don't think hell has frozen over just yet.

  5. Oh okay then, I'll start giving it a second chance then too, River. On your head be it! :)

  6. me too! I despised it so. But now it works again for me.


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