the rockmelon that was almost a watermelon

(Subtitled: this doesn't usually happen.)

Yesterday, I went out to check on my mini rockmelon.
As I touched it to feel the weight, it fell off the vine into my hand.
A sign of ripeness for sure.

Here it is beside my coffee mug, so you can see just how small it is.

The thing is, it doesn't look like a rockmelon.
Here is the packet the seeds came from, it clearly says rockmelon.

The picture in the catalogue certainly looks like rockmelon.

But my little fruit looks more like this picture.
A mini variety of watermelon, called Golden Midget.

So of course I sliced it open to check.
Yep, definitely a rockmelon!
Tasty too, although a little longer on the vine might have resulted in a little extra sweetness.

I sliced it with this kitchen knife,

which lives in this block.

As I pulled it out of the block, the handle hit against the edge of this board that is supposed to protect the light above the stove from splatters.

Then the knife bounced out of my hand and fell towards the floor, just like it often does.

Now, here is the part that doesn't usually happen, (subtitle).
This wicked sharp tip bounced off my thigh on the way down to the floor,

leaving a tiny little cut, without cutting my shorts at all.

Don't worry, there was hardly any blood and I'm fine.
So is the knife.


  1. Excellent that you are not damaged much. And I love the mutant pigmy melon.

  2. Ouch! The melon is super-cute. Did you have it on your bench for awhile...just to look at? Look forward to meeting you at the conference soon!

  3. Elephant's Child; I purposely bought seeds of mini varieties of things from the Diggers Club, because I don't have much growing space.

    Be A Fun Mum; welcome to Drifting. it was on the bench just long enough for me to clean the mini cut and apply a bandaid. I'm looking forward to meeting everybody.

  4. Well I guess there's something to be said for little surprises. Sorry about the emails. I've been spoofed again, second time in 2 weeks so you're getting unsolicited spam via my gmail account. I know you don't need Viagra!

  5. I wonder if what you call a rock melon, we in the U.S. call a cantaloupe?

  6. Reminds me of an over sized Quince Yummmmy :-).

  7. Baino; you're forgiven.

    Snowbrush; yes cantaloupe and rockmelon are the same fruit.

    Windsmoke; the only way I enjoy quince is when it's jelly, on toast.

  8. We Victorians call them cantaloupes too.


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