slight change of plan...

Today, I was going to write a thank you post for an award I've been given by a couple of my favourite bloggers.
This entails the passing on of the award to 15 other bloggers that I love, and since I'm unable to decide just yet which of my many favourites to choose, I'll set that aside for now.

Instead, I'm going to mention a brand new blog that's out there.
This baby is only two days old, three if you count today, but she hasn't posted yet today.

My daughter K, the genius, (well she is compared to me), has joined us in Blogland.
She's asked me to spread the word so that she gets at least one hit from someone else besides me.

Here is her site address:

I've told her you're a friendly bunch, so maybe a few of you could stop by there with a welcoming hi?

K has a youtube video on her site that she made herself.
Yes, you read that right.
She made it herself, uploaded it to Youtube, then worked out how to post it on her blog.
In two days.

I've been blogging almost a year and I still haven't worked out how to embed a Youtube.


  1. Thanks mum! I will teach you how to put up a video. And if we ever have a lot of spare time at the same time, how to make them.

  2. Oh wow. Such talent in the family.

  3. Well you know how to post another's URL. I just learned that after almost a year.

  4. And I would love to welcome your daughter and tell her how good people have been to me, but I can't seem to comment on her post. Help.

  5. no-one; Making them? How much spare time do you have? This could take years....

    Elephant's Child; I'm very proud. I'll hop right on over to her blog and see about the comment thing.

    Manzanita; Once you've done it, you're surprised by how easy it was, right? I know I was surprised.

  6. Elephant's Child; K's posts are quite short; right underneath it says "posted by no-one" then comments, so click on comments and the comment section should open for you.

  7. The easy bit for You Tube vids is you click the embed button below the video and copy the gobledy gook text and then paste it into your blog post. What happens after that is in the hands of the gods. My suggestion is write the post first and paste the You Tube text in below and publish. I recall putting up my own video once. I think it was just like adding a photo.

  8. Andrew; adding a photo is a bit different. I can't write the text and then insert photos at the appropriate location. I have to upload all the photos first in the correct order, then write the text around them.
    Copy and paste would be easier, so a youtube shouldn't be too hard. I now have step-by-step instructions from my K and I'll try something soon.


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