so many friends, so little time

Very early on Friday morning, I'll be picking up my weekender bag,

my handbag, the red one..... locking my doors,

and getting into one of these.

Driving.....well, being the airport.

Walking through here,

spending a little time here.......

then getting into one of these.......

....and flying off to Sydney!!

Where I will check into this hotel......

....find my room, and probably fall asleep. (just for a short nap.)

Then.......I'll be meeting up with a few of these people, the ones who are also arriving on the Friday.

before meeting the rest of them on the Saturday.

For one day, I'll be chatting with so many new friends.

One day.
Many new friends.

Only one day.

So many friends.
So little time.
My head will be spinning trying to take it all in.


  1. I am sure you will have a magical time, and that some of the friends you meet will stay with you for ever.

  2. Good on you! Just head over with a big smile and meet the people that you've already 'met' so many times online. I'll be there in spirit!

  3. Just think of the happy memories you'll bring back and have for the rest of your life :-).

  4. Elephant's Child; the magic is me going in the first place.

    Kath; I'll think of you while I'm there. At least once. Maybe twice!

    Windsmoke; Memories, stories, photos, forever.

    Veronica; I want it to be Friday already.

  5. Hi River,

    I hope you have a fab time.




  6. I'm so excited to be going and yet so terrified too. Hopefully it is such a success there is another AusBlogCon in 2012, that way we have more time to meet all the new friends.

  7. Ha! What a fun post! I love the map made of all the faces!

  8. Plasman; I hope so too. I'm nervous though.

    Marita; I think plans for 2012 might already be on people's minds.

    Jay; I love it too. I wish I'd made it, but I don't know how to do that yet.

  9. Hi River: Just a quick note to say that when I try and access your latest posting it says the page doesn't exist. Is this me or you?

  10. River,
    That is such a creative post. Great photos and that map. Come back with tons of new friends and lots of conversation.
    Love and peace

  11. Still won't let me play. It shows on my dashboard (twice) but when I try and get to it it says the page is not found.

  12. Elephant's child; new post is now up explaining all about the one I was trying to post that didn't happen.

    Manzanita; I love that map of Australia. So much that I've printed it out to use as luggage ID.

  13. Looking forward to hearing all about it soon.
    wishing you happy trails.
    X X


    someday will sleep blogger is going too.
    I wish I could.


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