I don't clean

Well, not much anyway. My kitchen and bathroom must be presentable, my bed made, most things that aren't being used, are put away. I used to do silly things like sweep down the walls, dust my furniture daily, polish it every week, vacuum the carpets a couple of times a week. (I hate carpet, if this unit belonged to me I'd rip it out faster than you could say rip) My kitchen floor was washed daily. Heck, I even polished it every few weeks. Then the kids grew up, and I grew lazy. Now, I only sweep down the walls if I notice the dust build-up, or if there's an inspection due. I'll dust the furniture if I'm expecting visitors. Polish it? Hah! The carpets are vacuumed rarely. A dustpan and brush takes care of the crumbs that fall around my chair. So why was I excited to see several packets of Kleenex cleaning products in the swag bag from the Bloggers Conference? Who knows? There are glass and mirror wipes; shower wipes, (cuts through soap scum), and stainless steel wipes. I don't have any stainless steel items, but one of my girls does, so I'll give that packet to her. There's also a dusting cloth from Guardsman, I've used that already and I'm pleased to say it doesn't leave an oily film on the hands like many other impregnated cloths. It rinses clean quite quickly and easily. But, it does fray around the edges, so I'm going to have to stitch a hem on it. I'll get around to trying the other products, when I give the bathroom its weekly wipe down. I'm curious to see if the glass and mirror wipes really do a streak free job. Will the shower wipes cut through soap scum as stated on the packet? But I'm not in any hurry to buzz around and clean like I used to.


  1. I regret to say that the ambience of our house is best summarised as dusty.

  2. The years collection of dust and cobwebs here are in no danger from the delightful contents of the swag bag lol.

  3. I do what I have to - wipe down surfaces and do my best 'cleaning' of the shower when I'm actually *in* the shower. Vacuuming occurs once a week when the house is fully orange from dog hairs but I baulk at doing it any more often than that. The biggest challenge is keeping the clutter under control and there's a big dollop of truth in 'A place for everything and everything in its place.'

  4. Ha! That's the benefit of travelling in a small, easy-clean space! 5 minutes, and you're done!! But when at home, I'm with you on the frequency/amount of cleaning, but sadly, I've tried many of those 'wipe down' products, and they don't really live up to their promise ...

  5. Elephant's Child; Dust is great at hiding finger smudges and coffee rings.

    Jayne; A years collection of dust? The record is yours. I can't hold out that long, although the cobwebs in the corners are quite old.

    Kath; I've tried to clean the shower while I'm in it, but just can't. I'm a big fan of a place for everything and everything in its place. Even if that place is the teetering pile on the coffee table....

    Red NOmad OZ; I have to admit cleaning this unit is much quicker than the 4 bedroom place I left the kids in.

  6. Hi River,

    I HATE a dirty kitchen - it is the only cleaning I do voluntarily (i.e. without Mrs PM nagging me).

    Everything else can wait until you can't see the floor due to the filth.




    P.S. Only kidding...

  7. Domestic cleanig around my place is done once a week nothing fancy just a quick wipe, vaccum and mop the floor as long as it looks clean and tidy what else could you ask for :-).

  8. Plasman; I can put up with a lot, but not a dirty kitchen. Clutter is a whole different issue.

    Windsmoke; 5 minutes per room, then coffee, that's the way.

  9. I can so relate. I cut down cleaning now big time, it's just exhausting & no one else in the family seem to notice anyway. But I am always curious with those wipes' effectivity I see on the telly...


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