sorting, sorting, sorting......

As I type this, (back at home in Adelaide, Yay), the weather outside is cold and grey, much like Sydney was for the four days I was there. But without the rain, although I suspect that isn't far away.

The washing machine is chugging away, the laptop is behaving itself, unlike last night, when all I could access was emails. Grrrr. You're history, lappie, I'm looking at all the options available out there with much more memory.....

Anyway, today I'm spending time uploading all the photos from my camera, sorting them into separate folders, and typing up my notes and trying to make some sort of story out of them.

I enjoyed my time in Sydney, AusBlogCon was a success, the conference itself was a good experience, listening to the women speaking about their blogs and lives was really interesting and I learned a few things that I should look into; like how to watermark my photos.

More importantly, I'd like to know how would I know if someone was taking content and photos from my blog and using it for their own purposes? I should have asked this question at the appropriate time during the session, but I'm not brave enough to get up by a microphone in front of alll those people.

I think the real highlight of BlogCon, for most of the women there, was the socialising at the dinner dance on the Saturday night. Not for the food especially, which was excellent, by the way, but for the party atmosphere. The DJ did a great job, and once the music started the dance floor filled pretty quickly. Boy, can those women dance! Unable to dance myself, (back, neck, hips-all would never forgive me), I really enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves. Lifted my spirits enormously.

For now, I'd better get on with the sorting and typing. I should be out shopping for bread and vegetables, but heck, there's a pizza in the freezer, plus several other options, the shopping can wait.


  1. I am so so happy you had a good time.

    And am looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Its great to read your overview of the conference. Its one thing blogging from the comfort of home another thing altogether meeting the people behind the blogosphere. I think it shows the power of collective womanhood in a way, for some reason I think of the suffragette's.

    Bearing in mind the limitations of your laptop I look at your blog then mine and can only admire. Mine is a muddle in comparison.

    I can't answer your question, I'm sorry. I did download one of your pictures a while back and had it as my desktop background for a while. I think it was a beautiful one of a flower. Mushy brain I am afraid. I would never ever dream of using anything from somone's blog though, try to pass it off as my own, or for personal gain. Retrospectively now I feel guilty for not asking to copy the photo albeit only for a pretty picture on my laptop. I have absolutely no idea how one can tell if someone is downloading anything etc. Hopefully someone will come along with the answers.

    I have recently been given a brand new laptop as a present. So I understand now just how much of a difference a co-operative laptop is! Windows 7 is proving a little challenging still. I genuinely hope you find a way to get more memory asap!

    Over here in the UK it has also lifted my spirits to read of the success of the AusCon. Now everyone is home, tired from travelling etc. reflecting yet still feeling the warm glow one feels after stepping out of one's comfort zone to meet in real life women who have shared via the blogosphere so much already.

    I also am so so happy you had a good time. I look forward to the photo's also.

    Thank goodness for freezer's eh! You are so right the shopping can wait.

    Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time and i'm looking forward to viewing your photos and reading your stories :-).

  4. Looking forward to your assessment post, as
    The El Chi said above. Must confess I have lifted other blogger's images plenty of times, but have always linked back to them and named them etc. nobody ever complained.
    Good luck with the laundry and the lappie.

  5. Elephant's Child; I took so many photos, but not many of the actual conference. Others had cameras going though, so there'll be plenty to look at elsewhere.

    Achelois; using a picture of mine as a background is fine, I don't mind, but if someone is using my stuff and passing it off as their own, that's a different matter.

    Windsmoke; in spite of being tongue-tied with shyness, I had a great time.

    Ann O'Dyne; also confess I've taken a few images here and there, but only to print and use as bookmarks. I've recently been contacting the blogger and asking permission first.


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