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Finally, after years and years and years, (well that's what it seems like), I have ripening tomatoes.
Tomorrow, there'll be tomato sandwiches for lunch.

I had a lovely lunch in town with K today, we've been eating from a chinese cafe called The Dumpling Box for the last few weeks, but today we tried a place called The Muffin Box, or Muffin Basket.....Muffin something.

They have a daily savoury muffin, today's was spinach and fetta, plus a large range of really yummy looking sweet muffins. Strawberry, with a little cream and halved strawberry on top; orange and lemon, with glazed thin slices of fruit on top; and many more. (Double choc-chip). I meant to go back after my shopping and bring home a strawberry one, but I forgot......they also have a nice selection of wraps, so I chose a chicken satay wrap for my lunch, ate half and brought the other half home for dinner, but it was kind of squished, so it's still in the fridge, while I decide its fate.

One of our major department stores is closing next week, with all stock being moved to a new location while the existing building is torn down and rebuilt. Most stock has had major price reductions for the last few weeks, so today I went in and bought a new handbag. Reduced from over a $100 to $39. Red, with a brass buckle. There was a matching smaller version in black.....I couldn't decide which to get, so came home with both.

Later this afternoon I had another physio session, where we discussed my upcoming trip to Sydney, (Yay, BlogCon!), and he (John), mentioned that his wife reads a few blogs and did I just read or do I have a blog?
So I gave him one of the cards I'd had made.

Then I wandered down towards Coles to check if we were open next Monday. It's Adelaide Cup Day, but since we don't close for Melbourne Cup Day, I wasn't sure.
On the way I saw this--->

Three men...............

...setting up this.

A sky high camera.
Naturally, I walked over and asked what they were doing.
Them: Setting up a camera.
Me: what for?
Them: to take pictures
Me: Why?
Them: because we can.
Me: but what for? A newspaper article? TV program?
Guy who was answering turned away, clearly didn't want to say anymore.
Other guy: It's a promotion.
I didn't want to cause any trouble for him, so I wandered off, crossed the road, and took these photos.
On the way home, I watched for a minute while they turned the base in a full circle so their camera took 360* photos of the tops of the buildings at that intersection.
Now I'm eating dinner - spinach and ricotta agnolotti, yum.
But no strawberry muffin.........Sigh.


  1. YUM!!! Home grown tomatoes are the BEST!!! My plants have done really well this year given I only have about 4. Still blanching and peeling tomatoes for the freezer (one bowlful at a time).

    Had to laugh at your tiny little confession there! Gotta take advantage of these bargains when you see them! :)

    Have an awesome time at BlogCon. I'm sure you will! :)

  2. Now if the Con was in Melbourne, I would say take the black bag, but as it is in Sydney, maybe the red.

  3. I was very impressed by the classy card and I loved the colour.

    Congrats on buying both bags, you would have hated yourself in the morning if you hadn't.

  4. Lightening; Confessions should always be whispered. I'm nervous about BlogCon, but so very excited too.

    Andrew; I think the red too.

    JahTeh; It's a great card, can you read the print easily? I think it's a bit tiny, but most newsagents sell magnifying glasses....
    I really should stay away from handbag departments.

  5. That first bloke you spoke to, what a boring man.
    You're very organised, very efficient, I don't know if that's good or not, it doesn't seem restful.

  6. There's nothing like the taste of freshly ripened tomatoes straight off the vine :-).

  7. Yummo. Home grown tomatoes - they make any other kind taste like plastic. Loved your day - though it sounded v busy. Have a wonderful conference.

  8. I didn't realise you were from adelaide too!! Yay! can't wait to meet you at the conference. Good get with the handbag!!

  9. R.H. it's very restful. Because everything is organised, stuff gets done quickly, efficiently, leaving me with plenty of spare time. To blog, to read, to nap.

    Windsmoke; I had one of those tomatoes on a sandwich for lunch today. it had actual flavour! Shop bought tomatoes taste like whatever else in on the sandwich.

    Elephant's Child; It was a yummy tomato. Its brother, big red, is going with me to my daughter's house on Monday, to be sliced and sandwiched.

    bigwords; I'll have to check and see if Adelaide is in my profile; if not, I'll put it there.


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