today I tried something new....

.....and it wasn't at all hard.
Usually, I upload photos to my computer via the camera/computer usb cord.
Today, I took the SD card out of the camera, inserted it into the SD slot on my laptop and uploaded these photos.

Those of you who know Adelaide, will know Harris Scarfe, one of Rundle Mall's major department stores.
Harris Scarfe is closing down next week, so for a month now, all stock has been drastically reduced in price. They'd rather sell it quick than have to move it to the new location, according to the loudspeaker announcements.
I'd walked through several times, always being drawn to the bags department.
Hmmmm, bags.....

I'd had my eye on a lovely brown handbag which was reduced from over $100, to $39.
When I went in yesterday the handbags were not in the usual place.
I asked an assistant where they might be and he said they're probably all sold.
I was crushed.
My beautiful handbag, gone, to some one else.

I walked on to the next department, shoes, and there they were.
The handbags!!
I had a look for my much coveted brown one, but it wasn't there.
Gone, to someone else.

But there was a red one, identical in style and size, so I picked it up, then I saw another, smaller black one, again identical in style. But the black was priced so ridiculously cheap, I had a quick look around to be sure I wasn't accidentally standing in "Cheap As Chips". (discount store).
For that price, I certainly couldn't leave it there.
So both bags came home with me.

Both bags have brass fixings.

Both bags have a small zippered compartment on one side of the front. Handy for small items like bus tickets and boarding passes.

Both bags have a decorative brass buckle.

Both bags look rather classy. Well, that's my opinion.

The red is coming with me to Sydney and the black will be my
"lunch and shopping in the city" bag.
The "police line" bag I originally intended to bring?
Well, it's a shoulder strap bag, canvas, quite heavy, which drags against neck muscles which are still somewhat achy.
Plus none of its many pockets has any type of closure.
They're all open under that big front flap. Pickpocket heaven! doesn't look good with the new shirt my girl T has bought me.


  1. OH! they are NICE!! I do love me a good handbag, and it's even better when you get a real bargain.

  2. Lovely. And lots of pockets is always a bonus. As is getting two lovely things on special.

  3. Red and Black the colours of my favourite afl footy team the Essendon Bombers. Sadly the Bombers lost the nab cup grand final last night :-(.

  4. I remember Reuben Scarf, is it the same store. Died here years ago. Nice bag although I'm a backpack girl myself. Nice little leather number I bought in Melbourne years ago. And take heart, USB and the dongle are slow as treacle for me since apparently, living only 5kms from the server, I cannot be guaranteed ADSL 8mg speed. Bastards.

  5. Well now how am I supposed to steal from your bag without you noticing.
    They look very nice.

  6. Well, you're ahead of me in the techno stakes(with the SD card)!!

    And in my opinion, you should be thanking your lucky stars - Red and/or Black are SO much better than brown!!!

  7. Toni; Good quality bargains too. And they had cheap (reduced) wallets all dumped on a table and I managed to find a red one that matched and a black one.

    Elephant's Child; I love plenty of pockets. I always like to find the special spot for my keys and that's where they live every time I use that particular bag.

    Windsmoke; I remember Essendon from when I lived in Melbourne. They once played Richmond and Richmond won. Go Tigers!!

    Baino; I don't think it's the same store. Harris Scarfe is uniquely SA as far as I know. Sad to hear about your lack of internet speed. Snail pace is hard on the patience sometimes.

    No-one; well now, that's the whole chocolate stash will be safe from marauding fingers.

    Red Nomad OZ; Do you have an SD slot on your laptop? It's incredibly easy to use. Insert the SD card from your camera, a window opens with options to choose from, scroll to the one that says (I've forgotten the exact words) get or upload or something from camera to computer, highlight that, click on ok and the same window opens that opens when you use the USB cord.
    Also, there's browns and there's browns. The bag I liked was a gorgeous rich dark tan that you might find on a leather sofa.

  8. Brass: good. No enclosed pockets: not good.

    My wife, Peggy, gave up bags in favor of daypacks. What they lack in elegance, they make up for in comfort, capacity, and durability.

  9. Hah! Love that you bought them both!

    I did that last year with boots. A friend told me about a crazy sale and I came home with *three* pairs!!

  10. Hey thanx for the tips! Will give it a try just as soon as I can persuade Pilchard that I a) know what I'm doing and b) no photos will be lost or harmed in this experiment!

  11. Snowbrush; I have a mini backpack that I use on a daily basis, it spreads the weight evenly across both shoulders and the back. These bags will be for special occasions.

    Jayne; I thought so.

    Kath; I've stayed away from bags shops for over a year now, so I allowed a little leeway. Still can't believe I got both bags and wallets in matching colours for under a $100 total.

    Red Nomad OZ; I promise no photos will be lost. Apart from the first step, the process is exactly the same.


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