I could just cry with frustration and disappointment

I have spent most of today trying to upload a youtube video to my post.
I followed instructions given to me by K, I watched her do one yesterday, it seems fairly simple.

So today I found something I'd like to put up, worked through the steps, forgot one important step and had to cancel.

Start over.

Follow the steps.
Accidentally hit a wrong key, and it cancelled itself.
Getting a little frustrated here....

Clicked away and read some emails....
a nice lady in Uganda wants some money......
not today honey, not even in this lifetime..

Typed up a list of all the blogs I read so as I read each post I can write a name and know who's who.
Many spelling mistakes and deletions later, I gave up on that too.
Even my hands are betraying me today.

Came back to Drifting and had another go at uploading a video.

Instructions followed.
And the video began to upload.

Then it stalled......oh no......this is not good.
I hoped it would make progress while I did other things, like my shoulder and neck exercises.
I hoped it was just loading slo-o-o-wly because of my slow dial up connection.
I hoped it would finish before I had to leave and go to keep my physio appointment.

No, No and No.

So I left it running, went to the physio, had some lovely soothing ultrasound on my aching back, came home and found it still stalled.

Did a few crossword puzzles.
Stomped around the room a bit.
Threw my shoes.

Prepared dinner, which is now cooking, then cancelled the upload.

I swear, right at this moment, I'm the most disappointed woman in Adelaide.
Other people do this, why not me???

I haven't given up entirely.
I'll try again.
Just not today.


  1. The link came through on my google reader. There you posted a link to it. You need the embed code, so there is nothing to upload, just embed into the post. All this keeps your brain cells active :) Meanwhile, I think I shall go and whistle for a bit.

  2. The embed code? I've seen the word embed below the videos on the youtube site. So if I click on embed it will give me a code to copy and paste?

  3. Yes, so it only embed code text you are inserting into your blog. The reader will do their own downloading when they watch the clip.

  4. You are so brave to even try. The next one will be better.

  5. We shall fix this when you return from gallivanting around Sydney.

  6. Was it a You Tube video? I find the best way to upload them is to copy the embedded code. If it's a video off your camera, I have the same problem on my Mac. Not because of the connection, but the old processor in this dinosaur just doesn't like uploading videos from the camera. No problem on the youngling's laptops. Yep, just choose 'embed' at the bottom of the clip, copy and paste into your post.

  7. Andrew; I've adjusted my handwritten notes.

    Elephant's Child; I'm going to have another go soon.

    no-one; unless I work it out before that. Bring your computer to my place and we'll have pizza or something.

    Baino; Yes, a youtube video. I'll try the embedded code next time.


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