last post

The very last post......

Before I go to Sydney.
Before I meet the many friends I've made online.
Before I meet many others who I haven't yet met online.
Before I have the time of my life.
Before I make memories that I will relive for years.

My bag is packed, I hope I've chosen wisely as to clothes I will need and don't arrive only to find out I've forgotten something crucial. Like socks. Or undies. (double checks....) (triple checks..)

I made a list and crossed things off it when the paper trail threatened to wrap itself around the neighbourhood.

I made piles of things and tried to fit them into my one smallish weekender bag.
I divided the piles of things and put the essentials to one side, near the bag, and the rest back into the drawers.

Packed the essentials, weighed the bag, well under the 10kg limit.
Just as well, because that limit includes my handbag. (I phoned and checked)

I've done the online check-in and printing out of boarding passes.

This will be a timesaver at the airport;
I can go straight to the departure gate, no need to wait in line for checking in.

My e-tickets are in the front handbag pocket.
My boarding passes for going and coming home are also in the front pocket.

My camera is in the bag.
Extra batteries are in the bag.
Spare SD card is in the bag.

I've made the decision to not bring my laptop.

It's heavyish, I probably won't have time to use it, given the very slow connection speed I've got, plus it's giving me heck lately, freezing up and turning itself off at will.

It really isn't worth the trouble of carting it all the way to Sydney, just so it can sit unused in a hotel room.
A four day holiday may be just what it needs.

See you there!!!


  1. Have a wonderful time. I confess I'm really jealous that you're going, and I'm not. A good lesson - book earlier. And have the time of your life. You can always blog about the conference when you get back. xx

  2. Have a great time. It sounds wonderful. I went to the Erma Bombeck Writers Conference last year (in Ohio) and met many nice people.


  3. Can I join the multitude and say have a wonderful time and also that I am sure you will.

  4. Have a great time, dear River. You'll find that you, firstly known as a brilliant and supportive commenter and now Blogger of your own, will find many lovely people who want to meet you. Have fun!

  5. Kymmie; I have notes and photos which need to be sorted before I can start posting about my trip.

    Pearl; I LOVE Erma Bombeck! I've read several of her books, although none lately, she makes me laugh so much.

    Elephant's Child; Had a great time, but I'm so glad to be home.

    Kath; I loved meeting the people I leave comments for and got plenty of hugs once I'd texted Kim (Frogpondsfock) and said that I was suddenly too shy to come out of my room.


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