creak...crash....what the???

This is my TV antenna, high up on the roof.
It's been there for a couple of years now, a favourite place for birds to rest.

Last winter, and more recently, this week, we've had some really gusty winds in Adelaide. It's a common occurrence for this time of year, with a repeat performance around September. Last spring, the antenna started making a lot of creaking noises whnever the wind was heavy. It kept me awake a bit, but it stayed stable, so I didn't worry too much.

Well, last night, the wind was heavy again and I was woken at 1.30am by a really huge crash up on the roof.
I went outside with my torch and saw the antenna had broken away from the house and was resting on the lower portion of the roof.

As soon as it was light, I went out with my camera and took these photos.

It wasn't the antenna that had broken away. The section of wood (fascia board?) that it was attached to had broken away and taken the antenna with it.

See the gap just under the tiles?

Here's the antenna, upside down, but upright and in one piece, so TV reception is still good.

How about that then?
I had some awful trouble getting back to sleep. I kept going out to check on my upside down antenna, in case the wind was blowing it further down the roof. I worried that it would fall to the ground and break up.
Eventually I went back to sleep, then went to work later in the morning and when I got home, there it was, still in the same spot, still upside down.
First thing this morning, I phoned the property manager and left a message about the damage on his answering machine.
That's all I can do. I'm certainly not getting up there with nails and tools and stuff.....


  1. River, so thankful that you still have TV reception, although I sometimes question the quality of the programmes we are expected to watch. Hope there is no damage where it has broken away; rain coming inside is just what you don't want.
    Trust your property manager knows his job.

  2. This happened to us last year. They came and fixed the tiles and roof the next day. The aerial took nearly a month. AND WE HAD NO TV RECEPTION!


  3. No don't! The property manager can sort it out. Looks like new fascia board to me. At least you still have good reception!

  4. Chez; I'm still waiting for the property manager to get back to me. It would appear that he doesn't work on weekends. Thankfully, there's no rain expected.

    Kelley; there doesn't appear to be any damage to the tiles, just that board that tore away. once that is fixed the aerial should be okay. It probably needs some sort of stabilising wire, like a guy rope on a tent.

  5. oh no! I hope that wood-pigeon can still rest on it.

    Good luck with the slumlords.

  6. Kymmie; I hope he gets on to it fairly quickly. The fascia bord looks to be in good condition, just needs to be reattached more firmly. Possibly the nails rusted.

    Ann O'Dyne; I'm sure the wood pigeon has plenty of other places to reat. The property manager here is pretty good. Every other problem I've had has been fixed on the same day I've reported it. Not that there's been much. The water heater rusted out in the first year and was replaced immediately, since then it's been mostly dripping taps and sticking windows. I think I've only had to call 3 times in the eight years I've been here.


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