and now the counting starts

We've all done our bit.
Trudged, walked, ran, drove to the nearest polling booth, at whatever time of day.
Some of us went to the usual spot only to find that this year the polling booth had been moved.
Huh. Further to walk, but that's okay, the weather was nice, cool and sunny, a few clouds here and there.
We had our names crossed off the list, we made our marks on the pieces of paper.
One white. One green.
All of us hopeful that our chosen party would reign supreme at the end of the day.
So now the counting begins.
Votes from all major cities, large towns, small villages, outlying rural areas.
Absentee votes. Postal votes. How many hundreds of thousands?
Imagine sorting the papers, counting the stacks, someone making a joke, everybody laughing so hard they lose count and have to start over....wouldn't happen of course.
This is serious business.
The welfare of a country is at stake.
Our country. Our multi-cultural home.
We all have opinions on how the country could/would/should fare.
We all want the best for ourselves and our fellow man.
We all want this wide brown land to prosper and be seen to prosper.
To this end, we venture out on voting days and do the right thing.
We make our choice.
Trusting and/or hoping that it's the right choice.


  1. Ten+ years ago I was a crosser-offer of names, etc on a Federal election day. I started at 7am in the morning and finished at midnight because someone kept miss counting. I haven't been back. lol

  2. Oh! and it wasn't me who kept fluffing the count because I still get requests to work election day.

  3. My first hubby worked one election, handing out those how to vote leaflets. Never again.
    I couldn't do it.

  4. oh gosh - I have done it for several/many elections. when The Candidate wins, the after-party is phenomenal.
    PLUS don't we learn a lot from seeing that stream of The Electorate coming towards the booth?
    The ones who are rude if they don't like your party, the ones too young and too cool to even take the card - and then make an informal vote because of error; I was in Camperdown for one election and took turns handing out cards for ALL the volunteers who needed toilet breaks.
    - I am always far from my eternally 68%-of-the-vote blue-ribbon LIB electorate, and voted a week ago in Corangamite where it was ferocious.

    10am The Morning After pill is The Insiders. I cannot repress the image of those four huge black greek-chorus-like women behind as he tried to make a speech without 'victory' in it.
    We all knew that Bennelong is a collectively-dopey electorate, and now fittingly, they have a matching representative. Anyone for tennis?

    I voted Senate Green.

  5. Ann; "the stream of electorate".
    I stood and watched for a moment as people came from all directions, converging on the path where volunteers were handing out those leaflets. Some looking proud to be doing their duty, others looking like they'd rather be anywhere else. A few very old people being helped across roads and uneven footpaths by younger voters. Children asking their parents why are we here?
    In hindsight, I wish I'd had the camera with me.

  6. Annie O, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought his family was 'The Glums'.

    River, lovely sausage sizzle, bacon and egg rolls and a divine cake stall and there was some sort of voting going on.

  7. JahTeh, no sausage sizzle or cake stalls over here. None that I saw anyway. Quite disappointing really. I had to bake my own cake.


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