P.S. I don't wear make-up either.

One of our regular Sunday columnists, has written this week about shoes, describing several of the pairs he has owned over the years.
Usually such a topic is tackled by female columnists, who go on to describe the many pairs they currently own.

Let me say, here and now, I do not understand, or share, this fascination with shoes.
I own three pairs of sneakers, one for work, (black); one for weekends, (white); and my old work sneakers that I now wear while doing stuff in the yard.
I also have a pair of rubber boots for when the yard is muddy, but I almost never wear them. If the yard is muddy, I'll stay inside.
I have a pair of flat sandals easily ten years old, possibly twelve.
I have two pairs of ankle high fake fur soft slippers. Why two? Because I totally forgot that I still had last year's almost-never-worn slippers when I bought this year's slippers.
I have a pair of rubber thongs, (flip flops).
This is my entire shoe supply.

There are no boots, with or without heels.
There are no high-heeled shoes, certainly no stilettos.
Nothing in pretty colours either.

I most certainly don't have one or two dozen pairs, causing me to stand for hours in front of a mirror wondering which pair looks best with this or that dress.
I don't own a dress either........

Why not, you say? Why the heck not?

Well, I've never really been comfortable in dresses, so I've spent most of my life in shorts, summer; and jeans, winter. Sometimes I wear the jeans in summer too.
Old tracksuits around the house and as pyjamas.

*I like the idea of wearing pretty dresses and shoes, but I don't seem to be able to find stuff that I like, which also looks good on me, and feels comfortable. (and needs makeup and pretty hairstyles). Comfort is my most important requisite when shopping for clothes and shoes. That, and washability. If it can't be tossed in the washer and dryer, I don't buy it. If it needs to be ironed, forget it, no sale. Despite the high cost, affordability is not an issue, since if I like something enough, I will buy it.

I used to wear dresses in my younger years. I made dresses for myself and for my girls. But as I got older (and fatter) and less caring about how I looked, the dresses were left in the wardrobe in favour of the jeans and t-shirts.

When I began working in factories, the older jeans and t-shirts seemed the most practical attire.
Sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear on an everyday basis, old enough that splashes and stains didn't matter.
Gradually, this became my "uniform", with dresses being given to op-shops, until there were none left in my wardrobe.

Does this make me any less a woman than one who has a wardrobe full of dresses? With many pairs of shoes suitable for days, evenings, special occasions?

I don't think so.

*=still wouldn't buy more than the two or three of anything else that I now buy.


  1. Hi River,

    Mrs PM has loads of shoes and boots - not as many as most but enough.

    I've asked the question "Why?" but I simply did not understand the long-winded answer ...




  2. Plasman; You asked why? You're a brave man....

  3. I'm not a shoe girl either.

    My Mum? Now that's a different story...

  4. I've got a few pairs of shoes, admittedly, but ALL of them are comfortable.

    The two pairs of heels (hells?) have been worn once and I'm intending on giving them to the Salvos. I'm ALL for comfort!

  5. Frogdancer; my granddaughter, she's a shoe girl.

    Kath; the Salvos and Vinnies did quite well out of me for shoes and bags over the years. Hells is a good name for any heels higher than 1 1/2 - 2 inches.

  6. I don't even own a dress! Pair of ankle boots, sensible flats, ASIC Gel's, black uggs and a few pairs of thongs. I do wear makeup tho. Just a little.

  7. Baino; I like ankle boots, look at them in the shoe shop windows every winter.


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