a few things I'm grateful for

Top of the list right now is my habit of buying in bulk whenever I'm able to.
I'm sitting here typing this, (der, obviously), out of the window I see the wind blowing the trees this way and that, intermittent rain pounding the windows and making a lake of the driveway, knowing that if I didn't want to, or was unable to, I wouldn't have to leave my warm and comfortable home for at least a fortnight or quite possibly longer. The only thing I'm likely to run out of is fresh fruit and veg, even that isn't a concern since the freezer is full.

Second is the internet and all the wonderful bloggers I've found here who help me pass the time, who make me laugh, cry and most important of all, you all make me think of things other than my own situation. I'm grateful that you all take me out of myself.

Third; my family. We're not as close as some families are, but they're there, and if I need them, they'll come and help. I love you all.

Fourth, I'm grateful that I actually have a home to be in. I have said many times that I love these wet windy days, but I'm sure I wouldn't love them quite so much if I couldn't be inside sheltering from the weather.

Fifth; my job. I'm currently off work, but the job is there for me to return to when I'm finally able to. It's not a job I ever saw myself doing when I was young. How many of us played at "shops" when we were little and said "when I grow up I want to work in a shop"?
I certainly didn't. Working behind a counter meant talking to people, something I was always unable to do easily. I still find making conversation doesn't come as easily to me as it does to others, but I've learned to at least get past "hello, how are you today?"

Lastly, I'm grateful that my parents left Germany and settled here with my sister and myself, later to be joined by a brother. I love this country with it's wide open spaces, although the droughts and humidity I could do without.

And rainbows. I love rainbows.

Tell me a few things that you are grateful for?


  1. My daughter loved playing shops. I was the main customer. Now she'd be saying "How are you today?" and I'd shake, laugh like mad.
    I was a dud, social disaster, until I began running a stall at weekend markets. Suddenly I got wit, enormous charm, I've no idea where it came from and I'm totally astonished.

    I'm grateful for about a dozen people I've met over the years who've influenced my life, they're unforgettable. There'd be thousands of others I'll never meet, that's my regret.
    I'm grateful for my dogs too, and rainy days, all the seasons.

  2. Ah I think mine match yours but perhaps not in that order. I'm extremely grateful for my children who have turned into my best friends and love my bloggers to bits but mainly, I'm grateful that I've been able to keep my head above water despite a few woes over the past year or so. Things are looking up and it's a wonderful feeling. Hope your shoulders aren't giving you too much grief.

  3. I love my books, my computer connecting friends and a roof over my head. I do love rainbows and funny shaped clouds.

    I won't mention chocolate.

  4. R.H.; my sister was the one who loved playing shops, (and schools), I was her customer and hated it. I always promised myself I'd never work in a shop, but in the end I had to. After applying for dozens of jobs, this was the only place that wanted me. It was to be a temporary job, until something better came along, but 8 years later I'm still there.

    Baino; I'm glad too that you've been able to keep your head above water, it's made for some interesting reading, especially all your commenters who have such good advice and ideas.
    Shoulders are still bad, but I'm able to rest much more now that I'm not at work, so don't need to take the massive amounts pf panadols etc that I was taking.

    JahTeh; books, dvd's, chocolate and friends. The best list. And vanilla slices, which I'm suddenly craving.

  5. I'm grateful for my tribe who give me grief but who I wouldn't be without :)

  6. An erratic lurker here, thought I'd share my five cents worth.

    I can't separate family, my fiance and my two closest friends. They are the shoulders who take the weight when life's burdens seem insurmountable. The true gift is in it's mutuality.

    I too have a well stocked kitchen ... well, usually, but I'm moving in two weeks, so it's an opportunity to go through the stores and start afresh.

    Lastly, my job. It makes all other things possible.

  7. Jayne; family is great isn't it, feral or not.

    Watershedd; welcome.


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