it's just like being on holiday

Slopping around in my dressing gown, drinking coffee, surfing the web.

Day two of being officially off work. Not too bad so far.
I'm finding that I like getting up after the sun, staying up a little later at night.
But I can see that I could get used to laying on the couch all day very easily, and soon enough my bum would be as big as the couch.

So I've resolved to go for a walk at least once a day.
Today's walk was taken in this morning's sunshine and I took my camera with me.
I had intended to take photos of whatever took my fancy, just strolling around the neighbourhood.

Didn't work out that way. As soon as I was far enough away from home, so that turning back wasn't an option, I needed to pee. Tucked my camera into my jacket pocket and headed for the nearest shopping centre.
By the time I got there I was getting a little desperate, almost to the point of trying to walk with crossed legs.

In the words of "Effie", How Embarrassment.

As soon as I was in sight of the Ladies, I sprinted* and barged through the door, praying there wasn't anyone on the other side. There wasn't.

So today's photography expedition was a washout, since I decided to just go home after that.
I'll try again tomorrow, but there'll be no coffee with breakfast, that's for sure.

*As I'm sitting here now, my hips are complaining quite loudly.
Clearly I'm not built for running.


  1. River, I know that feeling so well, in fact I've been known to leave my trolley with the supervisor in Safeway to spring to the lady's loo.

  2. Jayne; I did. It's the side effect of coffee. This is why I never have coffee before going to work.

    JahTeh; I've done the same.

  3. Tea has the same effect on me.

  4. I'm a classic for automatically scouting an area for the closest toilet. Local shopping centre, Ayers Rock or Rome - it's the first thing I think of!

  5. Frances; me too, although less an effect than coffee; probably the amount of sugar I put in the coffee is a big factor, since I'm fine if I drink just water.

    Kath; you, me and my mum!

  6. Coffee makes you pee, it's a d----- I forget the word for it. I was desperate early one morning at Camberwell trash market and had a piss behind the Salvation Army op shop, then I realised I'd pissed over the donations.
    Never mind, they overprice it all anyway.


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