the bursitis, again

My shoulder hasn't been getting any better, in spite of much resting, limiting my lifting at work, and many, many tubes of Deep Heat, Voltaren, Goanna Arthritis Cream.
Not to mention a truck load of Panadol.

So back to the doctor I went. Had an ultra-sound and several x-rays.
Guess what? I have a small tear in the rotator cuff. As well as a little bursitis.
No wonder I'm hurting!

Doctor is recommending surgery, which means about six weeks off work.
With my arm in a sling.
That's going to be interesting....


  1. Do it as soon as possible while the tear is still small. When mum complained of pain this time last year and went to hospital, doctors found a tear in the rotator cuff but they couldn't operate. She's fine now because she's not having to walk herself around and we still don't know how she did it.

  2. Yep, get it done asap.
    Good luck!

  3. JahTeh, it's a very common injury I'm told, caused by normal wear and tear, also by sudden injury,or in my case constantly using/stretching my arm above shoulder level, putting strain on the joint. All this time I thought it was just a strain and waited for it to get better, silly me. Months of unnecessary pain, when it could have been fixed already.

    Jayne; seeing a doctor again Wednesday, discussing ASAP options. I'll enjoy sleeping in and staying home doing nothing, but not for too long. More than a month or so and I'll be crazy with boredom.

  4. Get your doctor to complete the WorkCover documents too, so that all your medical fees and salary are paid whilst you recover. DO IT!

  5. Kath; Salary is the main concern here, since I have no other source of income, I'll need something coming in to pay the rent. Medical fees not such a big issue, since I have private hospital cover.

  6. How are you doing now? I'm actually searching for blogs under bursitis coz I want to share my experience. I had bursitis before too. I've tried a lot of medications including physical therapies. I also had a lot of lab and xray tests, took different painkillers, but nothing really happened. I mean, my bursitis stayed the same. The only thing that gave me positive result is stem cell treatment. I had it with my doctor, Dr Grossman, an orthopedic surgeon from Stem MD. The treatment took 4 weeks to finish but it was successful. I never experienced pain again and my shoulder is back to normal. I hope that you have found the best solution to your bursitis as well. :)


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